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How to: Farm Maraudon for Ghost Mushrooms + Gold

PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2016 9:49 am
by chookchan
Hey again everyone, here's a guide on how you can farm Ghost Mushroom and some decent gold in Maraudon on a level 60 warlock. Naturally it requires that you are a herbalist, and high enough to pick Ghost Mushroom.
I have split the video into two parts, the first containing just the path to herb Ghost Mushrooms, and the second part detailing how to kill two bosses along said path.
Here's the video to farm Ghost Mushrooms + Gold with the guide included:

If you're looking to farm the last 3 bosses of Maraudon for gold you can watch Botmaster5's video here:

Although the talents are not needed, I would highly recommend respeccing into said build to make Lord Vyletongue much easier. The trash is also more managable with Siphon Life if you accidentally pull it.
Especially with non-elite trash, Siphon Life + CoA usually does enough damage to kill them.
For Botmaster5's video, I would highly recommend using these talents for Princess and Rotgrip. Especially if you are someone like me with 300+ ping making Princess especially hard to shadowbolt.

Only Lord Vyletongue requires a bit of gear and a flawless strategy to defeat. Otherwise if you are just trying to farm Ghost Mushrooms I'd recommend having at least 100+ spell power.
In my video I have around +300 spell power.
For Botmaster5's video, Gizlock and Princess can be done with poor gear very easily. However, for Rotgrip you are probably going to have a lot of trouble if you can't kill him fast so I'd recommend having decent gear before attempting him.

(I'll add more details later tomorrow, for now just see video)

If you're about to finish farming for the night, remember that the max amount of instances you can do is 5 per hour. So if you're doing a full run including the last 3 bosses in Botmaster5's guide, you'll generally be doing a full run in about 20~ minutes. This means you can log out/reset the instance and keep checking if the first Mushroom has spawned right at the entrance until you get locked out.

Good luck and Happy farming!