Viable druid spec?

Viable druid spec?

by suhail1200 » Mon Dec 14, 2015 2:26 am

Hi Druids,after doing some testing I created a build(idk if it is known or not) mainly for pvp but perhaps it could just about work in pve too but not sure since its mainly pvp orientated.
Here is the talent build(ignore the skill writing since it is outdated and wrong) ... 3100310000

How it works is,u have your main feral skills talented however u sacrifice the Hotw talent with the 3% crit and in exchange u get NS,better rejuv,15% mana regen and reduced hit.The other resto talents are not really needed except the 10% healing which is not that big.Since i havent chosen regrowth crit then swiftmend aint really needed imo.U also get shapeshifting and NG.There may be similiar specs out there but not same as mine.

All in all it depends on playstyle,Hotw vs NS with some extra mana and heal.Personally i feel that the crit groth is only needed if u get swiftmend.Big regrowth crit----swiftmend--- close to full hp.However this build looses the NG/shapeshifter and the crit buff which is too big of a loss.Constant healing and by the time u shapeahift u will be out of mana.

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