Creating my first druid !

Creating my first druid !

by Jullzy » Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:57 am

Good evening everyone,

My name is Julien i come from France and due to the lack of a good Wow vanilla french private server i've decided to give a shot to Nostalrius.

First of all i am a veteran WoW player : i 've been playing the game on and off from its release back in 2005 up to the last expansion (mainly as a rogue, which is my favorite class) and today i have the intention to come back to the original version of the game. According to a few reviews this server is the most populated and is well scripted and that makes it a solid choice. The first step is behind me. Now comes the second step and this is probably the hardest :

I must pick a class, damn.

For some of us chosing a class will always be a struggle : the journey to level 60 is really long and we don't want to regret our choice !

I know for sure that i don't want to play rogue : I got a good knowledge of the class and it wouldn't be exciting to level up a new one.

After looking through the forum and thinking a lot i wanna try something new. I wanna play a hybrid class and be able to offdps/offheal/kite rather than being a pure dps/healer. I am also planning on doing both PvE and PvP. That choice leads me to two classes : shamans and druids.

My heart is torn between the two of them (but i have a slight preference for balance droods).

Of course i've heard that both these spec suffer from low mana regeneration (no life tap/mana gems)/ low damage (when not properly geared) and these are probably the worst spec in Vanilla. And i trust this....
But here is my strategy : would it be possible to raid as a healer (so it allows me to get familiar with healing and discover a new aspect of the game, which is fine to me) and collect gears for a possible offspec?

If yes, do you think i will have fun playing a resto druid/resto shaman then respect to balance/elemental for PvP? Even if these classes are not the best in vanilla.

Should i still level as feral/enhancement? Would another spec be viable?

To be honest, what i'd love the most would be to play a non conventional class and still be able to kick people's asses. Being out of the "meta" can be really fun from time to time.

Who knows, this might work :) I wanted to ask you anyway before i create the toon.

Finally i would like to apologize : my english is mediocre and it really took me a while to write this message (what a shame) but i sincerely hope that you will help me work this out, this is a real mess in my mind.

Have a good night,


For those of you who wonder why i want to try balance druids : ...


Re: Creating my first druid !

by Niko » Fri Jan 08, 2016 2:56 am

Druids and shamans are two widely different classes, one more fun than the other.
I would personally go shaman for raiding, druid is more fun in pvp if you ask me (feral wpvp, flagcarrying).
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Re: Creating my first druid !

by Onírica » Sun Jan 10, 2016 12:19 pm

The Druids are great!
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Re: Creating my first druid !

by Jullzy » Mon Jan 11, 2016 2:26 am

Good evening,

"A few days later" I 've created my druid. It was a real struggle to chose, both these classes are great and have their pros and cons but druids seem to be more dynamic (shapeshifting is so cool)

Thank you again, i am sure i won't regret my choice

See you ingame.


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