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by Hammersplat » Wed Apr 06, 2016 4:45 am

tkrettler91 wrote:
Hammersplat wrote:regrowth rank4 - read some the the other threads about resto druids

Ok i was familiar with Healing touch rank 4 but not regrowth thanks.

What i do is that when I am raid healing I use regrowth4 and ht2 with the natures grace/improved regrowth spec.
I time my mana to be almost out of mana when the boss dies and i use regrowth4 as much as possible but mix it up with ht2 to make my mana last or to save up mana for burst damage. (When i had less +healing i used ht3)

I usually don't tank heal but when i do i put both regrowth and rejuv (highest levels) and use higher ranks of ht. When you learn how long a boss takes to kill and when the damage spikes you can change the spell depending on what is happening. Watch how much health the boss has and how much mana you have.

Also there are several fights in MC where you are decursing so RIP MC meters... also Chromag you will be decursing too and that will ruin any plans to top the meters overall. Some of the drakes don't take much healing so sometimes i just cast wrath and try to beat hunters pets in damage. I just look at it fight by fight not overall and try to improve on my own healing. Most classes have fights where they can't do much so it all evens out in the end.

A lot of druids are doing really well and having a lot of fun with this spec. That said we have druids in 3 different specs in our guild that all do really well on meters and different spec can do better in different circumstances/assignments. So together we cover raid and tanks and compliment each other etc.

I always bring consumables, the dps do and so do the rest of the raid so i would never show up to a raid mindlessly spamming low ranks of ht so that i could be cheap and not use any potions. You can bring the superior mana pots instead of the $$ ones too. But if you don't make an effort with consumes, really... that's just slack.

This is what i have been using You'll see that you have here the ability to spam out regrowth in 1.5 secs most of the time or you also have all the healing touch spells so you can vary what you do easily. In retail the talents/spells were different to the combinations we have now so copying vanilla guides is a bad idea. (Like innervate was a 31 point talent back then etc.)

I'm a scrub, so i am sure someone will complain about my suggestions but if you look around the forums you will see other good druids with similar/better ideas, just start reading. Apart from when i was badly hung over (guild raids sunday mornings :( ) , i always managed to be near the top of the meters and managed to decurse as well. It's fun for me to try to top the meters and pump as much healing out of my available mana, so that is what i do.

people will always cry that the top healers are padding meters or the the healers at the bottom are slackers. If you don't like conflict aim for the middle of the healing meter.
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