Talk to me about vanilla Shamans...

Re: Talk to me about vanilla Shamans...

by riq and snog » Sat May 30, 2015 12:52 pm

elemental shaman pvp encounter description:
lets say @ aq 40 gear lvl...
spec is 30 0 21
- Flask + Greater arcane
- goes to zerker hut takin buff
- waits for the ally flag team to come by
- Activates bwl sham trinket + Zg trinket
- Disc priest in the back gives spelldmg buff
- 5 Allys approach mounted
- Chain lightning hits
-Earthbind down
- Shock nearest target 4/5
-Ns lb 2nd target 3/5
- Allys dismount
- throwing The Big One super grenade
- Fire nova down
- Chain lightning crits lowest hp target 2/5
- Shock + Fire nova 1/5
- last target backpaddels in terror
- Equips hand of edward the odd / goes meelee
- Gets wf proc on first hit
- Gets weapon proc
- Frostshock cuz paddelin
- Instant lb crit 0/5
- Zerker and trinkets and priest buff fades from You

- Does the happy dance with the happy hat, cant stop laughing:-)
- Realizes fraps was not running
- Sadface
- Starts drinking cuz oom

- Goes afk for a smoke laughing again
Any questions?
riq and snog
Stone Guard
Stone Guard

Re: Talk to me about vanilla Shamans...

by Lexlutheran » Sat May 30, 2015 3:27 pm

On the PvP side, Elemental is hands down the best spec. Your healing is still comparable to Resto while having the added benefit of being able become extremely offensive during burst windows. Enhancement, on the other hand, is an awful spec for group PvP. They're incapable of effective back up healing, their mana longevity is non-existent (not that Ele or Resto even are much better in high pressure situations), and once they've run oom they're just kited like the worthless canon fodder that they are.
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Re: Talk to me about vanilla Shamans...

by WarsongEU2005 » Fri Aug 19, 2016 8:08 am

Some necroposting...

Okay its not an secret that u can cast offensive spells without reseting ur weapong swing timer... but what about healing spells ? seems they reset swing timer... or am i wrong ? (question also appliet to paladins)

Re: Talk to me about vanilla Shamans...

by Cabebiken » Wed Nov 23, 2016 4:53 pm

Here is a for fun video on what you can expect with enhancement. These are if course cherry picked instances so don't expect every fight to go this well haha.


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