Fastest Shaman leveling spec

Fastest Shaman leveling spec

by Krigareen » Thu Jan 12, 2017 6:55 pm

With Classic WoW coming up, I've decided to Edit this post.

So I've talked around to a lot of Shamans and the fastest ones to level had basicly the same spec, and it's very different from the usual: "Go 2h Enhance at 30 and pick up WF".
So I got curious to what you Shaman theory nerds think is valid out of the information I've gathered and what is bogus.

The build we're looking at is:

The infamous Enhancement 1h shield flametounge, lightning shield, searing totemspamer leveler.

So the theory is solid, use a fast to mid speed one hander, 2-2.5 speed if possible. Around 40% of your total damage will be white attacks and flametounge scales with your weapon, having a high dps 1 hand is more important than the optimal speed. You can still level really fast with a 1.8 speed green dagger that's 10-15 levels lower then your character level.

For your offhand you will want a shiled with as high armor as you can find. Your shield is more important to your long term xp/h than your weapon is. Seeing as you want to avoid healing yourself by spending mana and rather use a bandage, your minimum goal would be to be able to sustain a chainpulling of mobs for a whole minute without beeing in risk of dieing while your "recently bandage" debuff is up. Obviously you can eat food and drink water, but I find that this slows down the xp/h by a lot.

The way you deal damage is as such; Make sure Flametounge Weapon is up(5 min duration so it will drop off if you don't focus), use a Lightning Shield, pull with Flame Shock, throw down a Searing Totem (You want this to last as many mobs as possible) and start auto attacking. Simple, right? If you find yourself with a lot of mana and your Flame Shock debuff has ran out on your mob while it's still at 40-50% health or above, use another Flame shock or even Frost shock. I highly recommend only using one shock per mob though.

The stats you are aiming for on your gear should be Spirit > Agility. Spirit adds to your regen. Normaly spirit is a very bad stat for Shamans due to the chaincasting of spells, but for leveling It's amazing! Spirits needs 5 seconds of no casting to fully utilize the regen (The 5 second rule). That means your ingame combat will be: Throw a shock > Totem > no spells while auto attacking, thinking about that 5 second rule > regeing some few sweet ticks of mana mid combat and if you need to refresh a shock, please do so after you just got a tick of mana. This really, really helps in the long run.
You want agility to get Flurry procs and Crits. White attacks is your main source of damage, you want to boost them any way you can.

The build itself goes on like such:
Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

And your last 3 points goes into whatever you want, Improved Ghost wolf, 2 more points in anticipation and Elemental warding are all good options. Even Toughness is a good call for it.

Good Luck!

Re: Fastest Shaman leveling spec

by Yarra » Thu Oct 17, 2019 3:33 am

I know its years later, but I consider this forum my little gold mine from the past. If this info is something you want to keep relevant, I thought you should know that the build links are broken.

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