Sham LVL 60 Elemental Shaman US Warsong, Retail

Sham LVL 60 Elemental Shaman US Warsong, Retail

by flowison » Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:35 pm

Many say he was one of the greatest shaman players ever.
I just found his videos of him today and fell instantly in love with this guy and his playstyle.
1vsX, open pvp, no huge crit numbers, no uber gear. just awesome skill:

now i am trying to figure out his spec.

he has nature's swiftness in the resto tree, clearcasting in the elemental tree and the reduced spirit wolf casting time in the enhancement tree.

so he basically has 11/7/21 +12.

i guess he is running with 23/7/21.

the first thing i was interested in was, if he has points in Healing Focus (resto tree for pushback) or Eye of The Storm (elemental tree for pushback).
i cant see procs from EotS coming of, so I guess he runs 5/5 in healing focus.

in resto tree, is he using natures guidance 3/3? with this gear i guess its a must.

so with this ideas, i come up with this spec:

what do you guys think?


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