Theloras' Retribution Guide

Theloras' Retribution Guide

by Theloras » Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:30 am


Since I have been asked for advice countless times in-game and here on the forums as well (and other people's guides have been trounced upon), this will be my stab at putting together as much of a complete list/guide for those of you willing to brave the insults and put downs by having the audacity to spec Ret. You will be passed over for other dps in 5man dungeons, 20man raids and endgame raiding guilds by people who are uninformed and know little to nothing about the class or the spec in particular.

You better have a thick skin otherwise you are in for a rough go… but once you have summoned up enough moral courage to push through all the naysayers and LOLRET namecallers, here is a guide for you to use to your heart's content.

Given the fact that we are hybrids by nature, my gear list, spec and rotation can be followed or adapted to whatever playstyle you prefer - this is merely how I play my character, so feel free to use and abuse it as you will.


SotC - Seal of the Crusader
JotC - Judgement of the Crusader
SoR - Seal of Righteousness
JoR - Judgement of Righteousness
SoC - Seal of Command
JoC - Judgement of Command
HoW - Hammer of Wrath
Cons - Consecration

Stamina: 1 Stamina gives 10 health. Obviously this gives you more health. (Important).
Strength: Gives you attack power (scales at a rate of 1 STR = 2 AP) - Attack power increases the damage of your auto attacks and Seal of Command damage. (Very Important).
Critical Strike: With the Vengeance talent, each critical strike increases both your melee and holy damage by 15% for 8 seconds (Very Important).
Agility: Agility gives dodge and chance to crit - 20 AGI = 1% crit. (As important as straight Critical Strike).
Mana per 5: Obviously helps your mana regeneration. You don’t need this on your gear but some is better than none - on top of the fact that you should be spamming Major Mana Potions and Demonic Runes. (Not critical but helps).
Intellect: 1 Intellect gives 15 mana. If you have any gear with Intellect it’s a wasted gear slot. Get this only from buffs and consumables. (Not critical but helps).
Spell Damage: This boosts all of our abilities that do magical damage (SoR/JoR, SoC/JoC, Cons, Exorcism and Holy Wrath) - this stat isn't much of a factor on gear on Nost currently as the only items that have it are the blue/purple PvP sets so unless you want to grind PvP ranks to get them, I won't touch them here in this guide atm.

10% Seal of Righteousness with 1 handed weapon
12.5% Seal of Righteousness with 2 handed weapon
50% Judgement of Righteousness
20% Seal of Command
29% Seal of Command (only with +holy damage bonuses)
43% Judgement of Command
33% Consecration
43% Holy Shock
43% Hammer of Wrath
43% Exorcism
19% Holy Wrath
00% Blessing of Sanctuary
20% Holy Shield
00% Retribution Aura ;;
71% Holy Light
43% Flash of Light

There are still some nasty and quite annoying bugs affecting Ret spec and Paladins in general:

Main bug list on the Nost forums with currently open Paladin bugs highlighted

***Seal of Righteousness bugs***
Seal of Righteousness (SoR) should proc as a separate melee strike

Seal of Righteousness not working properly

One-Handed Weapon Specialization (talent)

***Seal of Command bugs***
Seal/Judgement of Command and weapon/item procs

Sanctity Aura

Seal of Command (Delay)

seal of Command Absorb Shield

***Seal of the Crusader bugs***
Seal of Crusader

***Misc. Paladin bugs***
[PALADIN] Vengeance not proccing on "spell" crits

Holy Resistance is on trash and bosses in BWL

Hammer of Wrath should not be resistible?

Crowd Control Target Build Aggro on Healer

Paladin Healing Threats ... oup_id=101

Paladins are not able to gain Reck Bomb charges from low level mobs or critters

Basically, none of our talents/spells/abilities work properly.

- Update - Benediction is now fixed - Consecration can now be stacked (if the Paladins only use the exact same rank however) - plus Consecration doesn't take up a debuff slot either.

11 / 9 / 31 - RET PVE and PVP SPEC
Here is the link to the spec that I find works best for me in both PvE and PvP - given the fact that if we are low on healers in both aspects of the game, I can switch gear sets when OOC and pitch in to help when and where its needed:


Holy Tree
5/5 Divine Strength - 1 STR = 2 Attack Power so having +10% more STR is a no brainer
5/5 Spiritual Focus - being able to throw out uninterruptable heals is always nice to have
1/1 Consecration - one more button to press for aoe damage

Protection Tree
5/5 Redoubt - beats LOL Imp Devo Aura and also helps you when you go sword and board
3/3 Precision - No Brainer here +3% hit is a MUST HAVE
1/2 Guardian's Favor - nice to have more time on your Blessing of Sacrifice and -1min on Blessing of Protection cooldown

Retribution Tree
5/5 Imp Blessing of Might - more Attack Power so another no brainer
2/2 Imp Judgement - being able to use Judgement for direct damage every 8 seconds instead of every 10
3/3 Imp Seal of the Crusader - improves your SotC and JotC by +15% so another no brainer
1/5 Deflection - extra talent point you can use it here if you want - Vindication is currently bugged and proccing against raid bosses which takes up a meaningless debuff slot
5/5 Conviction - +5% critical strike chance is meni gud
1/1 Seal of Command - this is our DPS seal of choice - bugged as it may be, rank 1 SoC will be your best friend
2/2 Pursuit of Justice - not essential but saves you a boot enchant and being able to ride faster than everyone else is also nice
2/2 Eye for an Eye - also not crucial PvE wise, but very good to have in PvP against casters
3/3 Two Handed Specialization - +6% damage while using a two handed weapon - yes, please!
1/1 Sancity Aura - +10% to your holy damage
5/5 Vengeance - +15% to your physical and holy damage for 8 seconds after you crit your target with a melee swing, spell or ability
1/1 Repentance - not critical for PvE but I use it Naxxramas all the time when we do the packs of mobs before Grand Widow for an extra incapacitate - very good for PvP



SotC and warrior/dps offset gear are a good substitute to use for the reasons below:
- guild refuses to allow the Ret Paladin to put up a single JotC (let alone allowing multiple Rets for JotC stacking)
- 2handed weapon swing speed is under 3.5 (all MC and most BWL 2handed weapons are 3.4 or faster)
- SotC's 40% melee haste provides great Vengeance uptime (i.e. Blade of Hanna 2.1 to 1.5 swing speed with SotC)
- SotC providing a significant attack power bonus that not only boosts white dmg but also Consecration
- SotC with JoW provides good mana regen allowing for max rank Consecration usage


The one thing you absolutely should take note of is the fact that Seal of Command is not a normalized attack as is the case with all instant yellow attacks performed by Warriors. Whereas their attacks were normalized to be based around a swing speed of 3.3 (ie: Mortal Strike, Bloodthirst etc), SoC is merely normalized around its statistical ability to proc 7 times per minute based on your weapon's swing speed.

This means that the slower the weapon the better - with an ideal swing speed at 3.8 - and for any 2handed weapon 3.4 or faster, you should use Seal of the Crusader instead.

In addition, Seal of Command itself will always do 70% weapon damage no matter what rank you cast - it is only the Judgement that is increased as you use higher ranks of the spell - there really isn't any point in using rank 5 unless you have Intellect or Spell Damage on your gear.

The only reason why you would want to judge SoC every 8 seconds would be to gain an extra chance to proc the Vengeance talent which increases your melee and holy damage by 15% for 8 seconds provided that you have 5/5 points in the talent.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[ 7 / (60 / 3.2) ] = 37.3% proc chance
[ 7 / (60 / 3.3) ] = 38.5% proc chance
[ 7 / (60 / 3.4) ] = 39.6% proc chance
[ 7 / (60 / 3.5) ] = 40.8% proc chance
[ 7 / (60 / 3.6) ] = 41.9% proc chance
[ 7 / (60 / 3.7) ] = 43.1% proc chance
[ 7 / (60 / 3.8) ] = 44.3% proc chance
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The calculations were made for a paladin with the following stats :

# 800 attack power
# 15% chance to crit
# 140 spellpower
# +stats (crit%, agi, str, attack, spellpower) on the weapons are included. (procs are not)
# * means the weapon has an uncalculated proc or effet that can potentially increase weapon total dps
# ** means the weapon has an uncalculated proc or effect that can potentially increases SoC dps

Rank, name SoC DPS White DPS White + SoC DPS
1. Dark Edge of Insanity** 52.6 129.4 181.9

2. Severance 53.2 127.3 180.5

3. Ashkandi, Greatsword 51.0 125.2 176.2

4. Grand Marshal's Claymore 53.0 120.3 173.3

5. Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros* 51.7 120.1 171.8

6. Barb of the Sand Reaver 50.4 116.9 167.3

7. Kalimdor's Revenge* 45.1 119.9 165.0

8. Herald of Woe 46.4 116.4 162.8

9. Spinal Reaper 46.1 115.8 162.0

10. Bonereaver's Edge** 46.1 115.7 161.9

11. Drake Talon Cleaver* 46.0 115.3 161.3

12. Hammer of Ji'zhi 46.7 112.1 158.8

13. Neretzek, The Blood Drinker* 47.9 110.7 158.6

14. Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds 48.6 109.4 158.0

15. The Untamed Blade** 44.5 111.3 155.8

16. Draconic Maul 45.3 110.4 155.7

17. Obsidian Edged Blade** 44.1 110.3 154.4

18. Manslayer of the Qiraji 45.7 108.2 153.9

19. The Unstoppable Force 47.3 106.4 153.7

20. Draconic Avenger 41.8 110.6 152.4

21. Sulfuron Hammer* 45.2 104.1 149.4

22. Finkle's Lava Dredger 37.1 107.2 144.3

23. Nightfall 40.6 107.1 147.6

24. Fist of Cenarius 43.6 103.3 146.8

25. Doomulus Prime 45.0 100.9 145.9 ... or%29.html

Since I was able to prove that multiple ranks of the same Judgement are in fact blizzlike in Vanilla and not bug abuse, we are permitted to put up all 6 ranks of Judgement of the Crusader for a grand total of +631 holy damage (provided that the Rets have PvP gloves which add +20 to JotC).

JotC R1 +46 Holy Damage
JotC R2 +57 Holy Damage
JotC R3 +80 Holy Damage
JotC R4 +115 Holy Damage
JotC R5 +149 Holy Damage
JotC R6 +184 Holy Damage

If your guild allows multiple Ret Paladins, then I highly suggest that you stack JotC debuffs and use SoC for max +Holy Dmg to the target. In addition to this, I would recommend that you also recruit Discipline Priests who want to spam Holy Fire and Smite to melt some serious unmitigated and unresistable holy face - and don't forget, the Rets bring Sanctity Aura which add another +10% holy dmg to the Disc Priests' damage as well.

FYI for reference:

Re: Multiple Judgement of Crusade should not be Bannable
by Nano » Fri Nov 06, 2015 11:25 am

No one has been banned for this and they won't because it's working as intended. This whole thread has run its course. ... 30#p182280

2 choices for rotation:
-SotC rotation:Judge SotC> SotC (up at all times)>Spam max rank conse (only maintainable by Flask of Distilled Wisdom which you should be using with this rotation and can be used with any weapon speed but faster is better)

-SoC rotation: Judge SotC> R1 SoC (up at all times)> Max rank conse if vengence is up, if it is not then R1 (Supreme Power flask should be used with this rotation and only if you have a good 3.5 speed or slower weapon)

Mix and match from the list below based on how much time you have to farm gold and/or mats for them seeing as not all are able to stack with one another:

Elixir of the Mongoose
Elixir of Giants
Mageblood Potion
Demonic/Dark Rune
Major Mana Potion
Winterfall Firewater
Juju Power
Juju Might
Ground Scorpok Assay
Elemental Sharpening Stone
Flask of Distilled Wisdom or Flask of Supreme Power (depending on which Seal you use, SotC or SoC)

/cast Judgement
/cast Seal of Righteousness(Rank 8)

/cast Judgement
/cast Seal of Command(Rank 1)

/cast Judgement
/cast Seal of Command(Rank 5)

- if you go for Reckoning and want to 1shot hordes in PvP

The following addons below are a good selection of addons that I personally use and which you may also find useful in your Paladin playstyle and overall gameplay:

Attack Bar Timer
Big Wigs
Caster Stats
Improved Error Frame

The guide below is one of progression, assuming that you have at least a few pieces of Lightforge and/or Valor to begin with and will allow you to mix and match depending on what stats you would prefer to maximize STR > Crit > Agi

While Lightforge is a decent overall set for Paladins to start out with, it will not get you far as you progress up the food chain damage wise, especially with the bugs affecting the spec as described earlier. One other thing of note is that you should aspire to try to get AT LEAST 5% hit including the 3% from talents. Once you are raiding however, you want at least 8-9% so as to never miss against a raid boss, but you have to start somewhere.

That being said, I have provided you with some 1-3 samples of armour to aspire for and progress with as you and your gear improve. Ideally, you want the final item listed which is truly BiS pre-raid but if you're not quite there yet, not to worry.

Helm: Crown of Tyranny | Helm of the Executioner | Lionheart Helm
Neck: Imperial Jewel | Mark of Fordring | Amulet of the Darkmoon
Shoulder: Bile-Etched Spaulders | Truestrike Shoulders | Abyssal Plate Epaulets
Back: Shroud of Domination | Cape of the Black Baron | Windshear Cape
Chest: Energized Chestplate | Ogre Forged Hauberk | Cadaverous Armor
Wrist: Battleborn Armbraces | Gordok Bracers of Power | Abyssal Plate Vambraces
Relic: Libram of Fervor | Libram of Hope (not in-game yet)
Hands: Death Grips | Gloves of the Dawn | Reiver Claws
Belt: Warpwood Binding | Elemental Plate Girdle | Handcrafted Mastersmith Girdle
Legs: Leggings of Destruction | Eldritch Reinforced Legplates | Abyssal Plate Legplates
Boots: Master Cannoneer Boots | Grimy Metal Boots | Ribsteel Footguards
Finger: Tarnished Elven Ring | Band of the Ogre King | Painweaver Band
Finger: Don Julio's Band
Trinket: Hand of Justice
Trinket: Blackhand's Breadth
Weapon (***SoC***): Blackhand Doomsaw | Arcanite Reaper | The Unstoppable Force
Weapon (***SotC***): Bonecrusher | Brain Hacker | Blade of Hanna | Blackfury | Nightfall

Helm: Lionheart Helm | Avenger's Crown
Neck: Barbed Choker | Stormrage's Talisman of Seething
Shoulder: Avenger's Pauldrons | Spaulders of the Grand Crusader
Back: Cloak of Concentrated Hatred | Cloak of the Scourge | Shroud of Dominion
Chest: Avenger's Breastplate | Ghoul Skin Tunic | Plated Abomination Ribcage
Wrist: Wristguards of Vengeance
Relic: Libram of Fervor | Libram of Hope
Hands: Flameguard Gauntlets | Gauntlets of the Righteous Champion | Gauntlets of Annihilation
Belt: Belt of the Grand Crusader | Onslaught Girdle | Girdle of the Mentor
Legs: Avenger's Legguards | Leggings of the Grand Crusader | Legplates of Carnage
Boots: Chromatic Boots | Avenger's Greaves
Finger: Ring of the Qiraji Fury | Master Dragonslayer's Ring
Finger: Band of Unnatural Forces
Trinket: Drake Fang Talisman | Kiss of the Spider
Trinket: Slayer's Crest
Weapon: The Eye of Nerub | Corrupted Ashbringer | Might of Menethil

While there are many different ways of playing your Ret Paladin, there is only one enchantment that stands above all others currently on Nost:

Enchant Weapon - Lifestealing
Permanently enchant a weapon to occasionally steal some of the health of the foe and give it to the wielder.

Why is Lifestealing so good for us? Cause it has a 50-60% proc rate and also scales with spell dmg and debuffs on the target so it's uber good for us here on Nostalrius :)


We must honour those who have come before us so allow me to introduce you to Esotarious - the original Hero of the Retribution Paladin community back on retail Vanilla WoW - and as he says:


Remember to play the game for your enjoyment, not for others - if you enjoy healing, great go nuts - but don't let others dictate to you how to play a video game that came out nearly a decade ago.

Have fun, tinker around with your gear, talents and playstyle - find what works best for you!


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Re: Theloras' Retribution Guide

by Theloras » Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:30 am


Given that I have taken a break from endgame raiding for the time being and have decided to focus more on PvP - likewise seeing as deep Ret's burst isn't working at the moment due to the bugs affecting Seal of Command/Judgement of Command, I have decided to go full Reck spec.

Seeing as some if not most of you have never tried Reckoning, allow me to illustrate - this explanation is for PvP gameplay only so experiment with it and find what talent spec works best for you along with your gear/playstyle:

21 / 25 / 5 - HOLY RECK SPEC
If you prefer a more hybrid playstyle and your gear has more spell damage on it than pure melee stats, this is a good Reckoning spec to try out - along with 45 sec cooldown on Hammer of Justice stun - it provides great survivability, great healing and the ability to dish out some good Reck bombs with Seal of Righteousness:

0 / 25 / 26 - RET SOR RECK SPEC
If you prefer focusing more on pew pew and want to boost SoR/JoR's damage by 10% with Sanctity Aura - along with 45 sec cooldown on Hammer of Justice stun - this spec provides the ability to dish out some good Reck bombs with Seal of Righteousness:

11 / 25 / 15 - SOR RECK TRI-SPEC
This is an alternative to the other SoR Reck specs if you want to pickup Consecration to help break a Rogue's stealth and also to boost SoR/JoR damage via Imp SotC:

11 / 25 / 15 - SOC RECK TRI-SPEC
This is an alternative to the other SoC Reck spec if you want to pickup Consecration to help break a Rogue's stealth and to be able to have uninterruptable heals by picking up Spiritual Focus in the Holy tree:

3 / 25 / 23 - RET SOC RECK SPEC
This is the Reck spec that I personally use as it is more geared towards Paladins with melee stats as opposed to spell damage - along with 45 sec cooldown on Hammer of Justice stun - it provides great front loaded burst with Imp SotCrusader and then you can switch to rank 1 SoCommand for little mana cost:

With this spec, what I do is I cast max rank Seal of the Crusader for extra bonus Attack Power - if a rogue, warrior or hunter pet is trying to attack me I have the following macro keybinded to my "2" key:


Yes, I am serious - this /sit macro will be the most important part of your Reck spec PvP timing because when a player sits down as he is being attacked by an opposing player with a melee attack, the attacking player's hits are guaranteed to crit. When the Reck Paladin receives an incoming crit against them, they gain a Reck bomb charge up to a maximum of 4 bonus swing charges.

This means that when the Paladin turns around and starts to attack the horde player, they will instantly unload all 4 bonus swings plus their original white swing all at once and with good enough gear, you will have the following result:

That's nearly 5k damage instantly in only one swing - this was done with Seal of the Crusader up for max AP gain - while SotC will cause your white swings to gradually hit for less as the 30 second duration ticks down, because a reck bomb is all front loaded in that first initial swing, you will not be penalized by any damage reduction.

So if my target survives this frontload wallop of damage, I then judge Crusader on them and switch to rank 1 Seal of Command to maximize the holy damage received by the target from SoC.

As important as your /sit macro, the addon below is just as critical to have - when you receive a crit against you, the tier 1 Prot Talent Redoubt will activate regardless of whether you have a shield equipped or not - this is a very good talent to have as it plays an audio sound when it activates to help you know that you have gained a Reck Bomb charge.

But with the active gameplay being hectic at times, sometimes you can lose track of how many charges you have saved up - this addon will help give you a visual display that you can move/lock to any position on your screen: ... ounter.rar

Q & A
Q - Just what exactly is Reckoning?
A - It's quite simple really - if a Paladin specs into this talent, whenever they receive an offensive crit against them they gain a bonus auto-attack swing to their next attack.

Q - Does this include spell crits against the Paladin as well as melee crits?
A - While the /sit macro only works for melee attack crits - yes - spell crits against you will also give you a Reck Bomb charge.

Q - What's the fastest way to build up 4 Reck Bomb charges?
A - Hunter pets will become your new best friends! If a Hunter sicks his pet on you - please make sure to /thank him - because you will obtain a full Reck Bomb in a couple of seconds flat - likewise with Rogues and Fury Warriors - if they start attacking you, simply oblige them by /sit and let the charges build then HoJ stun them and 1shot them or better yet, tab target and 1shot his healer or support casters instead then rinse and repeat.

Q - How long do Reck Bomb charges last?
A - They last as long as you don't log off from the game - you can mount up, leave a battleground, zone into a dungeon instance, swap weapons/armor - as long as you remain in the game and don't attack anything, they will remain as potential energy on your next auto attack.

Q - If I just use SoC, can it proc off of each swing in a 5 swing Reck bomb?
A - No, Seal of Command can only proc off of the initial swing of a Reck bomb - which is why I use Seal of the Crusader in order to maximize each of the 5 white hits - then judge it and switch to SoC right after.

Q - What about SoR, will it proc on each of the 5 white swings?
A - Yes, if you prefer to use SoR over SoC, each of the white swings will have an SoR proc on them - likewise you could begin combat by judging crusader on the target, switching to SoR and then Reck bombing them.

Here are some sample videos to show you the Reck Bomb playstyle in action:

Originally, there was no limit to how many Reck Bomb charges a Paladin could attain - so in order to test out the theory to the max, some enterprising Paladins and friendly rogues decided to find out:

As always, try out some of these Reck specs or find your own - either way have some fun and blow up some Hordies!
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Re: Theloras' Retribution Guide

by Theloras » Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:31 am

KILLERDUKI'S 11 / 8 / 32 RETRIBUTION PVE SPEC ... 0512003150

Every single list consist with hit cap items.

Without PVP items list of Preraid BiS (current patch):
[Slashclaw Bracers]
[Lionheart Helm]
[Battleborn Armbraces]
[Lightforge Spaulders]
[Lightforge Breastplate]
[Lightforge Gauntlets]
[Lightforge Belt]
[Lightforge Legplates]
[Lightforge Boots]
[Mark of Fordring]
[Windshear Cape]
2x[Tarnished Elven Ring]
[Hand of Justice]
[Darkmoon Card: Maelstrom]
(if immune on nature swap to)
[Blackhand's Breadth]
[Sulfuron Hammer]

With PVP Items list of Preraid BiS (current patch):
(will exclude field marshal since it is extra hard to achieve)
[Lionheart Helm]
[Lieutenant Commander's Lamellar Shoulders]
[Knight-Captain's Lamellar Breastplate]
[Knight-Lieutenant's Lamellar Gauntlets]
[Knight-Captain's Lamellar Leggings]
[Knight-Lieutenant's Lamellar Sabatons]
[Warpwood Binding]
[Windshear Cape]
[Slashclaw Bracers]
[Don Julio's Band]
[Tarnished Elven Ring]
[Hand of Justice]
[Darkmoon Card: Maelstrom]
(if immune on nature swap to)
[Blackhand's Breadth]
[Sulfuron Hammer]

Without PVP Items list of BiS Forever (current patch):
[Runed Bloodstained Hauberk]
[Primalist's Linked Waistguard]
[Wristguards of True Flight]
[Crown of Destruction]
[Black Brood Pauldrons]
[Seafury Leggings]
[Seafury Gauntlets]
[Malignant Footguards]
[Puissant Cape]
[Darkmoon Card: Maelstrom] (if immune on nature swap to another) [Hand of Justice] / [Blackhand's Breadth]
[Drake Fang Talisman] (if over hit cap swap to) [Hand of Justice] / [Blackhand's Breadth]
[Onyxia Tooth Pendant]
[Band of Accuria]
[Band of Jin]
[Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros]

With PVP Items list on BiS Forever (current patch):
[Field Marshal's Lamellar Chestplate]
[Primalist's Linked Waistguard]
[Wristguards of True Flight]
[Field Marshal's Lamellar Faceguard]
[Field Marshal's Lamellar Pauldrons]
[Marshal's Lamellar Gloves]
[Marshal's Lamellar Boots]
[Puissant Cape]
[Darkmoon Card: Maelstrom] (if immune on nature swap to another) [Hand of Justice] / [Blackhand's Breadth]
[Drake Fang Talisman] (if over hit cap swap to) [Hand of Justice] / [Blackhand's Breadth]
[Onyxia Tooth Pendant]
[Band of Accuria]
[Don Julio's Band]
[Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros]

Enchants (current patch):
8 Agility = Helm/Legs
7 Agility = Gloves
15 Agility = Weapon
9 Strength = Bracer
7 Agility = Feets
18 Spell damage = Shoulders

Mandatory Consumes (current patch) :
[Flask of Supreme Power]
[Greater Arcane Elixir]
[Elixir of the Mongoose]
[Elixir of the Sages]
[Elixir of Greater Intellect]
[Elixir of Giants]
[Elemental Sharpening Stone]

Single Target DPS Rotation (always max rank) :
SoTc - Consecration - JoTc - SoC - JoC - Consecration - SoC - JoC - Consecration - Repeat -

AoE DPS Rotation (always max rank) :
SoC - Consecration - JoC - SoC - Consecration - JoC - SoC - Consecration - Repeat -

Examples with History playstyle results : ... 9804_o.jpg ... 8921_o.jpg ... 6130_o.jpg

History Realmplayers Results: ... 4444_o.jpg ... 6306_o.jpg

Why Sulfuron Hammer and The Eye of Sulfuras?
Evidence (even without hit cap):

If you would prefer to follow a more hybrid playstyle and gearset, there are two additional ways of gearing up and doing damage. Both of these require that you use Seal of Righteousness instead of Seal of Command and would therefore necessitate a different talent spec.

Full credit to this 1hand Spell Damage gearset and play style goes to Saphael.



13 / 8 / 30 - RET SPEC

Seal of the Crusader: SotC
Seal of the Righteousness: SoR
Judgement of Seal of Righteousness: JSoR
Judgement of Seal of Wisdom: JSoW
Out of mana: OOM
Spell Power: SP
Attack Power: AP
MP5: Mana per 5 seconds
MP1: Mana per 1 second
One Hand: 1-H

GEAR (BiS-preraid):
Helm: Soulforge Helm - Lesser Arcanum of Voracity
Neck: Beads of Ogre Mojo
Shoulder: Soulforge Spaulders - Zandalar Signet of Mojo
Back: Cloak of the Hakkari Worshipers - Formula: Enchant Cloak - Subtlety
Chest: Soulforge Breastplate - Formula: Enchant Chest - Greater Stats
Wrist: Battleborn Armbraces - Formula: Enchant Bracer - Mana Regeneration
One Hand: Ironfoe - Formula: Enchant Weapon - Spell Power
Off Hand: Therazane's Touch
Relic: Libram of Fervor
Hands: Soulforge Gauntlets - Formula: Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility
Belt: Soulforge Belt
Legs: Titanic Leggings - Lesser Arcanum of Voracity
Boots: Soulforge Boots - Formula: Enchant Boots - Greater Agility
Finger: Tarnished Elven Ring
Finger: Tarnished Elven Ring
Trinket: Blackhand's Breadth
Trinket: Hand of Justice

Helm: Avenger's Crown - Lesser Arcanum of Voracity
Neck: Choker of the Fire Lord
Shoulder: Avenger's Pauldrons - Power of the Scourge
Back: Cloak of Concentrated Hatred - Formula: Enchant Cloak - Subtlety
Chest: Avenger's Breastplate - Formula: Enchant Chest - Greater Stats
Wrist: Wristguards of Vengeance - Formula: Enchant Bracer - Mana Regeneration
One Hand: Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker - Formula: Enchant Weapon - Spell Power
Off Hand: Sapphiron's Left Eye
Relic: Libram of Fervor
Hands: Marshal's Lamellar Gloves - Formula: Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility
Belt: Belt of the Grand Crusader
Legs: Avenger's Legguards - Lesser Arcanum of Voracity
Boots: Avenger's Greaves - Formula: Enchant Boots - Greater Agility
Finger: Band of Unnatural Forces
Finger: Band of Accuria
Trinket: Kiss of the Spider
Trinket: Neltharion's Tear

Note: There is other gear combinations for this build (easier obtained pieces).

Brilliant Wizard Oil
Flask of Supreme Power
Elixir of the Mongoose
Elixir of Giants
Elixir of Greater Intellect
Scroll of Agility IV
Scroll of Intellect IV
Scroll of Strength IV
Greater Arcane Elixir
Mageblood Potion
Demonic Rune
Major Mana Potion
Winterfall Firewater
Swiftness of Zanza
Stratholme Holy Water
Thorium Grenade
Cerebral Cortex Compound
Juju Guile
Juju Power
Crystal Spire
Nightfin Soup
Arcane Elixir

Note: Only some of the standard consumables have been listed, if you are going to do 40-mans more consumables is needed.

Your main abilities are Judgement of Seal of Righteousness, Consecration R1 & you will need to have SoR up all the time.

When you are on single target's you will be judging SotC first, then change to SoR (never stop judging SoR, but have SotC up on your target). Always have Consecration R1 up, and never use a higher rank, because you will go OOM. There is possible to use a higher rank of Consecration, but then you should have done the math beforehand to be sure of not going OOM.

I will only calculate my numbers as a Human, so Dwarf paladins is not included in these numbers(Humans and Dwarfs have different stats). Also I will not go into absolutely every detail so hang in there, I'll try to make it as easy as I can.

This is indeed a mana-consuming build, but in my point of view it's the best and most viable build for an Retribution Paladin. From years of experience in high-end continent as an Retribution Paladin, this is the way to go.

I will calculate using numbers from the BiS-peraid gear, when fully buffed up from the "mini guide" I made above. Also class buffs is included in these calculations.

Indeed, you clearly want the 8% hit.

Afterwards you should concentrate on having enough melee crit to have a fair amount of vengeance uptime(15% increased physical and holy damage). You can easily check how much uptime you have by using this formula: 1-(1-(crit/100))^(8/weaponspeed). In this case it will be: 1-(1-(32/100))^(8/2.4) = 0,72 | You will have an vengeance uptime with 72%. In addition to the 72% uptime from white-hits, you have a judgement that you use every eight second. So that will increase your vengeance uptime.

So that's the formula, but it's not accurate according to my gear-setup. Since you have Ironfoe and Hand of Justice this adds more white-hits, which means that you will have a better vengeance uptime than what you have calculated.

Before you start to think about how much spell power and strength/AP that you need. Take a deep breath, then try to find out how your mana-sustainability currently are. You can check that by doing this:

Mana from abilities pr. min (without any buffs or manaregain)= 90 (Judgement) + 170 (SoR) + 135 (Consecration R1) = 395 * 10 = 3950 | 3950/80 = 49,375 * 60 = 2962,5 mana pr. min.
Manaregain= 76 MP5 | 59 MP2.4 (JSoW) | 156 MP5 (DR, MMP) | 15,2 + 25 + 31 = 71,2 MP1 | 71,2 * 60 = 4272 pr. min. (Take in account that Ironfoe and Hand of Justice procs is not in these calculations, so in reality you gain even more mana (JSoW). I can calculate how much mana you gain with these items also, if you fancy it.

Note: You can clearly see that mana is not an issue if you use consumables.

Spell power is indeed important, since SP is stacking with your abilities (SoR, JSOR, Consecration).

AP is important also, since your white-hits contributes a lot of your total damage, so you'll need to balance these out by using all-stats sets like: Soulforge Armor, Judgement Armor, Avenger's Battlegear.

Stamina is self-explainatory.

I can get more into spirit another time if it's desired.

Priority order: Hit - Crit - Mana - Spell power & AP - Stamina - Spirit

Note: crit and mana is something you'll need to calculate as mention above, so when you have enough to be sustained, the other stats will of course be more of importance.
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Re: Theloras' Retribution Guide

by Momoh » Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:38 am

Sergeant Major
Sergeant Major

Re: Theloras' Retribution Guide

by Youfie » Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:48 am


Regarding the consumables you listed, you can take off the Scrolls, they don't stack with other consumables affecting the same stats and/or class buffs (can't remember exactly), and thus are useless in a raid environment :).
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Re: Theloras' Retribution Guide

by Holystrike » Mon Feb 15, 2016 3:16 am

Imo Hand of Rag is one of the best items in the game because we gain spell damage in t2.5 and the fireball proc scales with spell damage alongside it's amazing speed... granting an all around badass weapon.

You should also add nightfall to pre-raid weapons since you have included other craftables and your pre-raid bis list has some stuff id change, i dont agree with sotc its intentional bug abusing and an overall dps nerf... and yet so many paladins are doing it.

If you arent allowed to judge crusader theres no point raiding ret with that guild, using socr has already been shown to be inferior even at this point in the game, and it will just drop off so ridiculously once you hit naxx where spell-damage comes hugely into play.
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Re: Theloras' Retribution Guide

by Imbaslap » Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:14 am

make sure to tailor said consumables to actual retail vanilla like and to Nostalrius as well.
(scrolls do not stack and never did on retail vanilla)
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Re: Theloras' Retribution Guide

by smilkovpetko » Mon Feb 15, 2016 6:49 am

hey theo

why not this ? ... 0512003150

for maximum dps in pve retri?

i don't see spiritual focus any useful , especially without intellect gear.

also parry and eye of an eye is bad for pve.

or this is for pvp guide?
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Re: Theloras' Retribution Guide

by Theloras » Mon Feb 15, 2016 7:54 am

smilkovpetko wrote:hey theo

why not this ? ... 0512003150

for maximum dps in pve retri?

i don't see spiritual focus any useful , especially without intellect gear.

also parry and eye of an eye is bad for pve.

or this is for pvp guide?

A lot of the guide was ported over from Peenix.

I did my best to make Nostalrius specific fixes when and where necessary - not 100% finished yet with the changes yet seeing as I don't pickup Benediction in any of the SoC based talent trees listed in the guide as it was never fixed on Peenix but was fixed here on Nost. I will be making adjustments over the next day or two.

The spec listed in the guide though provides good coverage for both PvE and PvP, hence Spiritual Focus.

Re: Theloras' Retribution Guide

by smilkovpetko » Mon Feb 15, 2016 9:50 am

ty for answer just point that this is for both , because don't want some people to mislead it , we love paladins to crush meters right ;)

p.s pve and pvp is not the same, if he don't have intellect or bare minimum of 3500+ mana unbuff.

his dps will be crap and low for pve.

just to remind about peenix (since your guide comes from there) : ... Killerduki
This is how gear should look like, *which includes intellect* ... 9804_o.jpg ... 8921_o.jpg

that's because i never down rank and always using max ranks (due to enough mana having for that).
and also because i use proper consumes/buffs . ... ssLimit=Pa

see how i own here paladins with might of menethil vs my poor draconic maul mace.
(this is very serious weapon versus poor weapon) . (included serious bugged abilities) .
in server it is nothing different regarding gameplay, the theory is all the same

you gotta trust me m8 as you know how i play, pve ret paladin need intellect mandatory.
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