Ret/Holy leveling

Ret/Holy leveling

by Desolace » Mon Apr 13, 2015 10:10 am

Hi i want to level from 1-60 and do some dungeons. I heard that people don't invite ret/prot paladins, cuz they're weak. But for low lvl instances too?

I want to be useful so i want to do some dps and heal. It's possible to do both? At the same time i'd like to be able to do some quests and kill mobs without problems and without fighting for an hour to kill them. I think about this build: ... q52302512g

I know that i miss BoM, 2H spec and Vengeance talents, but instead of them, i'm better heal and i have Holy Shock, which i can use to do some damage too. Idk how it looks on Vanilla, can i wear ret items and manage to heal from 1-60 or need to equip heal items?

Re: Ret/Holy leveling

by DrearyYew » Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:42 am

Just level with your points into the Ret tree. You can heal dungeons just fine while leveling with Ret spec and healer gear.

As for people not inviting Ret/Prot paladins, it's kinda true for raids, but not for lv 60 dungeons. Prot Paladins are actually quite good in a dungeon setting, but because of mana issues and the lack of a taunt, we're never tanks in raids. For Ret, our damage in dungeons is just fine, I often see Paladins at the top, both while leveling and at 60. In raids we can't use our Judgement of the Crusader, which does hurt our damage, but we still bring respectable damage to a raid. Also, we're the only spec that will really need those 2H Weapons, although Fury Warriors might want some of them. Just tell them to STFU and dual wield.

As for the community's idea of Retribution, our DPS is a ton stronger than people think it is, but that's because people think it does 0 damage. Ret damage isn't as high as Warrior/Warlock/Rogue, but we bring really solid utility, and even allow Holy Paladins to drop the 5 points they have in Improved Blessing of Might to put somewhere else (if they PvP, they will love you for this). We bring an extra Lay on Hands and BoP, we buff all of the Melee so the Healadins don't have to, and we make sure that those 2H Strength drops don't go to waste. The problem is convincing a raid team to take you, because as I said, people think our damage is awful, when they are just following the status quo, when they actually don't know shit. Pointing out that you are freeing every Holy Paladin up 5 talent points is a good starting point.

Play what you want, honestly. Is Holy a better spec than Retri? Yeah, it is, but that doesn't mean Retri isn't a viable raid dps spec.

EDIT: As for talents I would recommend going like this, then you have the option to rush into the Holy tree to grab Consecration, or keep putting points in Retri for Vengeance and Repentance.

This is the spec I personally use
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Re: Ret/Holy leveling

by gainaplm » Thu Dec 01, 2016 11:41 am

I would really recommend to rush Holy for Consecration first, and also grab only Intellect and Spiritual Focus.

Consecration helps a ton in AOE while levelling and allows u to tank dungeons early on.

And Spiritual Focus could save your life / allow you to heal while aoeing multiple mobs, whereas +10% strength when you have 50 strength is barely noticed.

Paladin is slow, but has plate + heal, so use this to your advantage to make it faster while leveling.

Grabbing also improved Retribution Aura in ret tree along the way can make you a ret with good aoe capability to reach that 60 faster and less boring.

This is just another man's opinion.


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