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Good spec for PVP + AE farming?

PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2016 4:23 pm
by Taco

I'm mostly playing PVP (PUG BGs), but still need to farm a little gold here and there. I'm usually doing that in DM:N. I'm still running a pure AE farming spec, which is absolutely horrific for PVP.

Are there any specs you guys could recommend that do reasonably well in PVP while not completely making AE farming impossible, given I still have very bad equip?
Even if DM:N becomes too difficult, I'd at least want to keep being able to run DM:E I guess.

Was thinking about a classic frost build including Frostbite for PVP, and imp. blizzard for farming - but frostbite kind of sucks for farming obviously. Haven't tried if that's possible with low gear, but maybe I should just abandon imp. blizzard as well and try to arcane explosion down the DM:E packs?

I'm also fairly interested in an Elemental Build, however my equip really is horrific (yay 2k HP) and I have a feeling the combination of no ice barrier + having to get right into action for Blast Wave might only be entertaining for the local spirit healer. Blast Wave might be good for DM:E though, and I really like there's such a decent +fire dmg headpiece buyable for peanuts :P

Anyways, suggestions very welcome what you guys think would suit best?

Re: Good spec for PVP + AE farming?

PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2016 7:38 am
by sheepstickss
With your not great gear just go deep frost (and skip frostbite so it doesnt fuck up your aoe farming). Shatter for extra crits and Arcane subtlety for pvp, while iceblock+barrier helps your survivability immensely. You keep imp blizz+permafrost for your DMN farming as well. You can run DME in any spec.

If you want to go ele, go for it. But it is alot more gear dependent: get some stam/int gear first (rank gear is baller). But individual skill + engineering really helps make up for it.

Speccing to different talents is really cheap - try them all out for a few days and see what you like.