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PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 11:59 am
by NikoClassic
Hey BoYs and other mentally not so well persons inbetweeners . . .
Im Awake agian. Done fighting in special forces afghanistan.......... (ninja.jpg) Image

I'am just checking back to see if you guys are ready for classic, sincerely wondering how you all have been and all such since I have not really been gaming for a couple of years...... *mumbles in government secrets*

I would like to reach out to everyone, get some hype going and also specifically reach out to a couple of players like Nelythia, Blist, Runrunrun, Hannahm, Yonezka, Steezy and other heroes from Warsong Peenix and Nostalrius.

Also I would like to send out a request, from the bottom of my heart, out to anyone out there feeling like they want to join my mOnGolOid RAGTAG-GANGGANG of friends. We are going to level together, laugh together, get sweaty in our three day old dehydrated piss smelling-underwear while ranking and sharing memories. We want YOU, we want camradery and brotherhood. We want flagcarry druids, priests, shamans and dedication.


Also maybe we can play to gladiator on retail until classic release, hook me up.... im 2,2k last season. Game is shit without proper players yo. Im oldfart s2/s3/s4/s6 gladiator. :-) play spriest, balance and DH. CHeers!

No seriously, let's not let the old kind of gaming community die out. Join our discord channel and lets stay in touch. Let's all unite on the same realm once classic hits, so keep a spying eye on what's going down!
Link to join our Discord chat ->