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Re: Solution for chinese lag

PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 5:18 pm
by Pottu
erwinestpol wrote:Only solution is to block (disconnect) any entry for players with 350+ latency, which would be mainly east Asia, but no, the Devs will throw the "racist" card at us, they'll realize some time that the server is purely Chinese and that all the English speaking people will leave, but it'll be too late. I can also guarantee, that most of the people playing right now will not even attempt TBC if the Chinese problem won't be resolved, if the Devs won't realize this, this server will fall. Facts.

None of what you just wrote is a fact. It is all speculation and hyperbole from your side.

erwinestpol wrote:What I also cannot comprehend is the arrogance of the Devs, I get the feeling that all they want is more players for their own satisfaction, records and numbers. What they don't realize, is that it was US (English speaking players) that made the server what it is today, before the huge influx of Chinese players it was US, the players, who advertised this server by playing it, purely. Those numbers and records WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN achieved if not for our engagement into this server. This is not appreciated at all. I feel neglected and not listened to, and so do many other players.

You haven't done anything so kindly stop taking credit. The dev team created the server with help from some players and many players have advertised Nostalrius successfully through social media, Youtube videos and streaming, on Reddit and so on. If the developers were truly "arrogant" as you claim, the server lag issues that were evident last spring with mere 5k concurrent players would not have been fixed. Nor would there have been a BWL nor ZG launch, nor dozens and dozens of bug fixes. We all want the best possible gaming environment but unfortunately in this world, things are not quite that simple or easy.

erwinestpol wrote:It is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous to compare the Chinese problem to the Russian "problem" (which wasn't even a problem). At least you can communicate in ANY way with the Russians, not to mention the big difference in population on the server between those two nations. Pathetic.

It is not ridiculous to compare them as not all Russians speak English and back when people complained about them, server peak concurrent population was around 7k. Maybe you weren't around back then.

In any case, kindly cease posting erroneous nonsense and presenting it as facts.