Paladin bugs & Holy Resistance

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Paladin bugs & Holy Resistance

by tironeparker » Mon Mar 21, 2016 6:28 pm

Dear Nost,

I know that Paladins and their bugs have been on the low priority list here, but they are now at a completely laughable state given the fact that the only Paladin specific bug that has been "resolved" in the year since I first started playing here almost a year ago is this one:

Benediction doesn't affect Sotc

Likewise, with your previous pledge to focus on current available content in order to fix core class bugs instead of adding new raids/patches/xpacs, forgive me if I sound the alarm that your pledge is sounding more hollow by the day.

Countless bugs that I have personally wrote up have yet to be even "confirmed" let alone looked at as far as determining how best to resolve them. More often than not, these bug reports are labelled invalid when accurate Vanilla era evidence, pictures, videos and links are provided. I have offered my assistance several times now to help the IsVV team with these issues but have received nothing but silence in return.

I hate to say it but even the Feenix Devs was better off at fixing Paladin bugs than the Devs here.

To add insult to injury, read the post below that was added to my forum thread on bugs affecting Paladins:

Re: Retribution Paladin bugs here on Nostalrius

by thargo » Sun Mar 20, 2016 6:09 pm

Hey guys. This is a little addition to the 'Invisible Holy resist' bug.

I was on my hunter and I used Beast Lore on another's Broken Tooth. As I was curious to see a lvl 60 Broken Tooth's stats. Upon looking at the tool tip I notice something strange...

You can't train holy resistance to your pet. Though I know some pets are meant to keep certain resistances they had as NPCs when you tame them. However I've never heard of Broken Tooth having any. Any that carried over at least...

EDIT: I found the culprit. The Hunter Tier 2 5-piece set bonus gives 60 resistance to all for your pet. Each hunter with the bonus I used beast lore on had a pet with 60 holy resist. I assume the same goes for player enchants/gear. ... 60#p274310

Don't know what else to say here guys, but your grade for Paladin bug fixes thus far is an F



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