Fix/answer to instance aggro

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Fix/answer to instance aggro

by Bunk » Wed Mar 23, 2016 11:46 pm

Hi folks,

With mates we started weeks ago on this server, and we can't help but laugh at this bug :

It's a bug that is reproducable at 100%. It involves 2+ group, someone dies, go outside the dungeon, and you'll face either this case, or mobs just standing in front of entrance. The only way to "fix" this situation is to either have the whole group to die or killing them, but usually in the situation where your group is wiping (gitgud), you just run for your lives to the exit.

Ofc, I could go to the bugtracker and type this, but :
1st : Tracker isn't secured
2nd :

The issue on the bugtracker is almost a year old and is still "New", so I don't know if someone is even aware of that.

As a rogue I don't "mind", I can vanish and stuff, but i's so easily exploitable to make an instance or a pack way more easy that way. Didn't take a screenshot at that moment, but for a wipe in SM Library, a whole pack just went 0,0 or whatever. We never saw them back. And it's not for an instance only, we had this issue for DeadMines, SW Prison...

An answer to this would be great, thanks boys :)

Re: Fix/answer to instance aggro

by Pottu » Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:25 pm

The mobs will eventually reset. It just takes some time.

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