Nost progressive seasonal server

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Re: Nost progressive seasonal server

by DerFlo » Sat Oct 29, 2016 7:47 am

World PVP and make an alt. The game is different from a different perspective/role.

Also being a person that was BiS, I still ran instances all the time that were not of use to my toon gear/money wise.

It is an MMO, IMO you should have taken those chances your friend wanted to run something to strengthen his toon. If the person beside you gets an upgrade, it is an upgrade for you as well if there is EVER a possibility of you guys playing together in the future.

Honestly not playing with your friend because you had what you needed already, is pretty damn selfish. If 1 person in your guild / friend needs an item from somewhere, you all need it. Because it then increases GROUP performance.

Even when my group had everything, we'd still run instances for the fun of it. Games are meant to be played for fun as well. Not just obtain your items and quit. Use what you obtain. Help others. Not just yourself.

You truly carry the 10 man LFR mentality by what you present to the community.

You really made up a lot of stuff here and since I didnt describe it in detail I will now.

I never mentioned that I dont help my friends / ppl I play with when they need something in the game. The point I was refering to, is when everyone you play with got everything they need (epic mount, bis gear, recipes, etc.). At this point I personally and a lot of others see no reason in playing. And this is exactly the time when ppl will start to leave the server / game.

It has nothing to do with being selfish. It's just that the best gear and most perfectly optimized character doesnt help you if you got nothing to do.

Regarding alts, a lot of people level alts true and eventually also equip them. For me personally that's never a real option for long term motivation. Before leveling an alt and equipping it instantly in raids with my guild I prefer to stick to one character and start a new class / race on a fresh server or after a restart.
The experience is a complete different one and skipping so much content with an alt was never fun for me.
The only time I did that was retail vanilla to play a mage in PvP after I finished rank 14 with my warrior.

However please stick to what ppl say and don't make up stories. I can understand when having progression on a server once and then leveling alts all the time on a fully released server (talking about naxx is out and your guild has Kel'Thuzad on farm status) is fun for you. Maybe a progressive seasonal server is then nothing for you. I still think (and user behaviour shows this) that most ppl will leave if there is nothing to do and since Vanilla has a limited amount of content - replaying this content is the only way to keep ppl busy.


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