Random Drop

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Random Drop

by WhiteDeath » Tue Nov 15, 2016 12:33 pm

Is random drop working or defined on nost core? i remember back in vanilla days they said that random drop is working this way:

-> only one mob can have that item.

-> Mob with that item is spawned XX - XX minutes after death of the first one. -
IF its 1 day mby more = 0,005% on drop and you can farm like BITCH
for 8 hours withou getting eye of shadow

-> mob is defined like Frostmane wolf
OR frostmane wolf (all lvls in that area)
OR frostmane wolf (all lvls in all all areas)
OR all Wolves.

That is the reason why getting Eye of shadow was so Hard for me !!!! Realy nicely hidden Deamon in Winterspring or Blasted Lands !!! and that eye didnt drop for Days! 250-350g sometimes MORE!! on AH back in 2005

same Epic hunter quest ..

so many other items! just not with big time between death and spawn of item like on eye/sinew and few more

normal quests like [18] Miner's Fortune ( barrens - get Cats eye emerald from mine ).. you had to kill whole mine sometimes and it didnt drop bcs some mob on the ege of area droped it. AGAIN 0,1 drop chance on THOTTBOT!!!!!

well... only 1-2 priests from guild had that staff. not every priest that looted Eye of divinity like on ELYSIUM!!!!!!! there was almost every priest with that staff... after 2 months! WTF? more %%% than on retail after 2 years!

so if its like blizz. should be like this

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