by modernist » Sun Sep 20, 2015 4:44 pm

a mod for the default ui, adding some quality of life improvements & visual twists with a focus on clean design & light scripting.

latest versions is always available here:
note that your downloaded directories will need '-master' removed from the folder name to function.

type '/modui' for a variety of options, or click the 'M' button located on the mainbar (replacing keyring, which has been moved over into the bag frame). All elements can be toggled on or off, and any that have been disabled will not load on login.





offers two positions for extra action bars, stacking neatly along the bottom or resting along the right side (similar to the default position).
slimmer, prettier xp & rep tracking bars.
spells cast when keys are pressed down rather than released up (similar to SnowFallKeyPress).
stats such as total users on server, fps, gold earned in session, time played in session, XP earned, average XP per hour and addons loaded displayed in the latency display tooltip, alongside ping.
free bag slots # displayed on backpack mainmenu icon.
options: switch between display methods

one-bag in the style of default blizzard backpacks.
options: switch between one-bag and default split bags

simplified chat w/ mouse scroll.
simplified messages & message events.
sticky channels.
options: toggle item link brackets on/off, toggle simplified chat formatting, timestamps on messages

combat text
splits default combat text to either side of the player based on healing or damage grouping for events.
customised event text.
adds outgoing damage + healing.

dark theme
dark themed frames applied smoothly across entire default UI.
options: custom colour.

maps: world
world map: scaled down & interaction re-enabled.
class coloured + group-labelled blips for party/raid.
x/y co-ordinates for player & mouseover cursor.
shift + click to drop a map pin.
maps for raid dungeons.

maps: minimap
buttons removed or re-arranged.
scrolling zoom.

maps: pvp/battlefield
smaller & cleaner.
friendly flag carrier tracking in warning gulch.
usable outside of battlegrounds with an alternate borderless translucent view.
options: toggle individual map mods on or off

class coloured enemy nameplates.
combo points on target for druid+rogue.
enemy & friendly castbar tracking.
specific aura tracking.
floating healing numbers on friendly nameplates.
options: toggle custom nameplates on of off

flag carrier names next to score in warning gulch.
node capping timers in arathi basin.
RP estimation (similar to macros used elsewhere) button in honor frame.
options: timers & RP tracker can be toggled on or off

raid frames
cleaner, better raid frames.
adds button under minimap that automically creates and neatly positions a set of light, moveable raidframes.
flag carrier indicator.
decurse indication.
range indication.
specific aura tracking.
options: full options menu available soon!

button & frame borders given sharper cleaner textures.
icon borders in bags and character paper doll coloured based on rarity.
api available for any user to add more custom borders to frames.
options: custom borders, more info available here

fully fledged stopwatch frame with macro functionality, based on the blizzard version first available in TBC.
options: toggle on/off, for more info see here

smaller, prettier tooltip.
options: toggle on/off

objective tracker
click on quest titles on the quest tracker (under the minimap) to open in quest log.
options: toggle on/off

target health prediction.
moveable unit frames.
boss frame.
names or name backgrounds coloured by class.
smooth animation on statusbar value changes.
energy tick tracking for druids and rogues.
statusbar text values can be formatted in the following ways:
percent (100%),
true values (2.5k),
a combination (2.5k/2,5k — 100%).
health status bars are coloured dynamically based on how much health % the unit has remaining:
1% = red,
50% = yellow,
100% = green.
options: switch between status text formats, toggle unit frame mods on/off, '/reset' to move units back to default positions

modups [standalone addon!] (not currently actively developed)
very light lua-based buff/debuff tracker — similar to powerauras or the blizzard retail spell activation overlay system.
options: add custom spells to track, customise text icons or unicode. see list.lua in the addon directory for more information
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Re: modui

by modernist » Sat Sep 26, 2015 9:41 pm

hope double posts are cool in these kind of progress threads.

making the default raid frames more usable when we were getting hk farmed in WSG:


& adding borders + rarity glows to icons. most panels are now recoloured:

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Re: modui

by Killua » Sat Sep 26, 2015 10:30 pm

thats exactly what i am looking for.
Need this please my friend.
This dark mode is relly nice.

Re: modui

by yadungoofed » Sun Sep 27, 2015 1:28 am

Upload it.
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Re: modui

by modernist » Sun Sep 27, 2015 12:24 pm

added to git, the latest version will now always be here:

non-comprehensive list of tweaks:

scrollable frame, most buttons hidden, edit box texture hidden, sticky channels

dark theme

worldmap scaled down & interaction re-enabled, class coloured + group-labelled blips for party/raid, x/y co-ords.
minimap buttons stripped or re-arranged, scrolling zoom.

restyled nameplates for darker theme

button & frame border textures, colours icon borders in bags and character paper doll based on rarity, api available for any user to add more borders to frames

smaller, prettier tooltip

class coloured name bgs, smooth animation on statusbar value changes, value text formatted in %

bigger, better raid pullout frames

splits default combat text to either side of the player based on healing or damage event, restyled strings
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Re: modui

by Coreborn » Mon Sep 28, 2015 9:05 am

What raid frames are those? Me want.
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Re: modui

by modernist » Mon Sep 28, 2015 11:00 am

my own — modraid. available in the git link above, just click modraid & then 'download zip' at the bottom right.

just a note that they can now also be auto-arranged with the '/spawn' command, tucking them under the minimap in blocks that grow to the left & down.

typing '/spawn [1-12]' will also change how many group frames are stacked horizontally per row, i.e.:

'/spawn 3' =
[raid 3][raid 2][raid 1]
[raid 6][raid 5][raid 4]

'/spawn 1' =
[raid 1]
[raid 2]
[raid 3]
[raid 4]


i'm writing these in 10-19 WSG whilst waiting for the GY spawn, so there's probably a few niggles yet to smooth out. please post any bug reports in this thread or through git.
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Re: modui

by Coreborn » Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:47 pm

Awesome. This is exactly what i wanted.
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Re: modui

by Zacharybinx34 » Tue Sep 29, 2015 12:12 am

Is there a way to make it show the exact amount of rage you have?

Re: modui

by modernist » Tue Sep 29, 2015 9:10 am

hi, latest update just pushed should now filter correctly based on power type:

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