[HELP] Looking for help with a SantaUI lookalike script

[HELP] Looking for help with a SantaUI lookalike script

by Feralon » Sun Jun 19, 2016 3:57 pm

Hi I recently found an old topic http://www.arenajunkies.com/topic/22...lt-ui-scripts/ at arenajunkies about scripts to enhance the default blizzard interface and I particularly liked the one that darkens all the unitframes and actionbars. It basicly emulates what Santaui textures does. If you scroll down you can find it under ,,2.3. Darken all the graphics Ibo/Lorti UI style:,,

So I made an simple addon out of the script and it works alright but I have one specific issue with it which I cant find solution to. As you can see http://i.imgur.com/BIdHPTB.gifv I am playing a druid and for some reason the dark texture doesnt apply to the catform and bearform actionbar and it stays unchanged. Same thing happens on my rogue when I go into stealth and the stealth bar rolls over the basic action bar.

It seems that this http://i.imgur.com/L6G9G9D.jpg is the part of the script that defines for which parts of the interface is the darker texture applied. Although I have no prior experience with scripts or Lua I figured that this line BonusActionBarFrameTexture0, BonusActionBarFrameTexture1, BonusActionBarFrameTexture2, BonusActionBarFrameTexture3, BonusActionBarFrameTexture4 is for all the action bars so I tried to add ShapeshiftBarFrameTexture to it but it doesnt work since its probably not the corrent name of the bar. Another thing I tried was to add a new line of command to the script looking something like this:

for i, v in pairs({ShapeshiftBarFrameTexture}) do v:SetVertexColor(.1, .1, .1) end

But as I said I have no experience in Lua so It might be possible that the line above is totaly wrong.
And yes I know this is primarily a vanillawow forum but I am giving it a try. Anyways I was hoping that maybe some of you guys might be able to help. Thanks in advance for any repplies.

Re: [HELP] Looking for help with a SantaUI lookalike script

by Renew » Tue Jun 21, 2016 7:45 am

Cant really help you there, since 2.3 seems a bit different from vanilla - dont have a client to see the tbc code :/

what i can see in vanilla:
for bonus bars:
BonusActionBarFrameTexture1 and BonusActionBarFrameTexture2 do exist (see overlay in screenshot)

for ShapeshiftBarFrame there are also overlay textures but name different:

ShapeshiftBarLeft, ShapeshiftBarMiddle and ShapeshiftBarRight

you could add these 3 to the big block of textures :)

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