[AddOn] Custom texture quality loss

[AddOn] Custom texture quality loss

by rdrmdr » Thu Aug 11, 2016 5:30 pm

I have been searching everywhere about the best way to put custom images in WoW and all I got is:
You need to create a frame, set it's width, height and point. Create a texture, set it's path and points.
The texture's image size must be power of 2, up to 512 (sites say 1024 but I tried and it didn't worked).
My screen size is 1366x768 pixels. It also has to be in the format .blp (BLizzard Picture) or .tga (TarGA).

(still couldn't export the files directly from the game so I just keep looking it online, need to check how to)

I have looked in other people's addons and the blizzard's code and artwork but all I got from that is that other people convert their images to blp or tga with some special converter that I don't know or they just do like me and get their textures with less quality while blizzard probably just create the blp files directly with some program they have making it be totally compatible since it's their game and programs and all.

I have tested comparing textures with blizzard's images, side with the same image but as a custom blp and tga, then take screenshots and check if they're the same but the custom ones are always a little bit worst.

What makes me mad isn't the loss of quality since I almost can't even see it in naked eye but that there isn't a way to make it more easly. I know it's 1.12 and that it's old and all but come on! Please? :cry:

It should just let you use the path of a .png file and be exactly as that file. No power of 2 rule where you have to make the textures bigger or even break them in various smaller ones. That just makes everything harder!

Re: [AddOn] Custom texture quality loss

by Renew » Fri Aug 12, 2016 3:03 pm

1. i dont get why you tag your topics with [Addon] - this is for addons, not for question

2. i dont get what you want, pictures with TGA are lossess (perfect quality) and the BLP converted pictures still look awesome

3. if you need a big picture(over 512x512) you have to cut it in multiple pictures and insert these as textures...


i made this fully of blp pictures, how is the quality bad?
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Re: [AddOn] Custom texture quality loss

by rdrmdr » Fri Aug 12, 2016 5:49 pm

I use [AddOn] to say my question is about addons and not macros. The forum is suppost to be used for questions, the people who want to promote their addons simply put in the title the name of it and everyone will get it.
You don't see anyone putting tags [Question] because that's dumb.

That image does look good, but I'm sure the original is better. Look at this example:
Original test.png image, converted test.tga, and to blp.

How it originally looks. And screenshots by a third-party program that doesn't change the quality look of it in-game, as tga and blp.

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