Need help with Bongos and druid feral forms

Need help with Bongos and druid feral forms

by sp00ned » Thu Feb 02, 2017 4:13 pm

Hello, I recently made the move to Bongos and I do quite enjoy it.

The only problem I have is that I can't for the life of me get my main bar (Bar 1) to page to my cat form abilities on Bar 7. I got it all working perfectly for my Bear form abilities on Bar 10, but Cat form refuses to work. I can even get my Cat form abilities to show with the correct settings, as long as Stance is set to Bear. However, as soon as I set it to Cat form nothing happens and it's still showing my human form abilities on Bar 1.

This is what I want; I want my Cat form abilities on Bar 7 to show on Bar 1 when I switch into Cat form. I click into "Stances", add a new one with the current settings:

Bars: 1 - 1
Stance: Cat
Offset: 6

Nothing happens.

To check if my settings are correct and it's not just me not understanding anything, I try the exact same settings but with stance set to "Bear" instead. I switch into Bear form and it shows my cat form abilities, so it does work, but only for bear form?

It seems like the Addon is shitting the bed when you choose Cat form as the stance?

Re: Need help with Bongos and druid feral forms

by earthwarder » Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:35 pm

I was using bongos as a warrior for the longest time. It's a great addon. I was a huge fan of it. I had to re download it to set it up again and Ive had many problems. Ive tried many different sources of downloads and I would result in different odd bugs. I essentially just gave up and tried something else out.

My solution was zBar. I know you were asking for help with bongos but I can relate on the issues and frustration with that addon. It much easier to achieve exactly what I was trying to do with bongos on zBar without the issue, so it's worth looking into if you havent figured this out already by now.

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