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Re: Banned for mining (perpetual)

PostPosted: Wed Sep 16, 2015 4:08 pm
by Pokeypointy
This should investigated without prejucide, flooding the forums with this for 10 years is non-sensical but the message makes 100% sense. My memory is not worth much when doing thorough investigations but I remember clearly how Silithus was a hard place to mine but if you were good at it, you'd make out with bags filled with thorium and gems every full day of mining. Winterspring can kiss my ass. :P

Re: Banned for mining (perpetual)

PostPosted: Wed Sep 16, 2015 4:32 pm
by Cortana
nonsense wrote:Greetings,

This post is being created because my account; along with many others, has been unjustly banned. Each previous post of mine regarding this manner is immediately deleted by the Nostalrius team. I belong to the group of, “Silithus Miners” who have recently been accused of exploiting a bug. The accused bug, which has remained on Nostalrius for six months, is only now being regulated. The, “bug” has been defined by the Nostalrius team as, “Silithus: Ooze Covered Rich Thorium Vein respawn time exploit”. In Silithus, thorium nodes could be found and mined out every 45 minutes. 45 minutes is the exact spawn timer of similar nodes in other areas. The Nostalrius team has banned accounts which farmed these nodes at an, “industrial level”, meaning 500 times a week or more. The Nostalrius team has not put forth any proof that the spawn rates/patterns are indeed, “bugged”. The Nostalrius team has never given mention that this is a bug before these bans were handed out. The Nostalrius team has passed blame onto its players for a coding error. As one player so put it, “Correct the nodes and get these bans lifted, it is your responsibility to fix these issues to avoid unnecessary bans like this, the vast majority of the players are here to just play, not walk on eggshells wondering how every minute detail of the game should work.” The Nostalrius team has made a poor decision by banning these accounts.

Your server can only remain active with active players. Banning players in such a manner as this is bad notoriety for Nostalrius. An overwhelming majority of people who come across these mining posts agree that the Nostalrius team is in the wrong. How is a player supposed to know that the coding of Silithus mines is bugged and that mining those nodes is illegal? What if someone's favorite part of the game is mining and that person solely logs on to mine? These players have been banned for putting their nose to the grindstone and earning their gold. If there is some other unspoken reason as to why we’ve been banned then it needs to be announced, now.

Personally, I am done with trying to be a, “good guy”. The Nostalrius team has unjustly banned the wrong person. From this moment on I pledge and promise to not cease creating these threads until my account is unbanned. I will continue to flood these forums with the SAME material over and over for ten years. I have internally made a promise to myself that until 9/15/2025 comes around, or until my account is unbanned, I will continue to point out the obvious flaw of the Nostalrius team banning people after the fact, over trivial matters. You’ve got me for ten years, Nostalrius. Ban my IP and I’ll get a VPN or move public library to public library. I have the time, money, and willpower to do this. During my mining escapade, I would average 14 hours a day mining out in Silithus. I now have much free time and invigoration with an out of commission account. Am I the kind of person you want to unjustly punish? The answer is no. I am an, “Industrial Miner”, and I am fully prepared to get “industrial” on you, Nostalrius. Consider this text as a declaration of non-violent war. Unjustly ban me and I will unjustly flood your forums. Two wrongs do not make a right. I’ve made the decision to embrace the role of, “bad guy”.

I expect to be unbanned due to the invalid reasoning of the Nostalrius team. A permanent ban is far too much for mining nodes on a normal spawn timer. The Nostalrius team has demanded that a player must first contact a GM and ask permission to farm before farming commences (this is 100% nonsensical and unrealistic). I have no regard for the people who will flame me for posting this and future threads. I do not quit. I will not quit until an unban occurs, until 9/15/2025 comes around, or until I die in real life.

Have a nice day.


Re: Banned for mining (perpetual)

PostPosted: Wed Sep 16, 2015 6:28 pm
by Pokeypointy
Cortana wrote:tldr

Useless post, are you trying to get forum ranks? OP posted some legit claims and you should read it all and think about it and bump this thread and all of his threads about it, if you care about the server health in the long run.

Re: Banned for mining (perpetual)

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:16 am
by Loue
This is indeed a funny read. I was probably one of the first to get banned for this. Three weeks after release of nostralius I found this bugged vein in Silithus, got banned 4-5 days later after i reported the bug, without warning, and only a slight explanation that I was doing a major bug abuse. It's really interesting to see that this ban-honeypot was up for 6months after the initial bugreport. But we all know by now that the nostralius head-dev team is neckbeards beyond anyone's imagination and damn son, i'm glad they got shutdown.