The other accounts of my 2 brothers

The other accounts of my 2 brothers

by Zahra » Sun Dec 18, 2016 2:14 am

Dear gm, please help!
We (me and my 2 brothers) used to play on nostalrius. Now we can't get all characters back. We can't use the token generator, our combinations of (old nost) username + password or e-mail give the error "The information you provided didn't match any account in our database.". We claimed back one account, but can't get the characters of 2 other accounts back.

The accounts we can't claim the characters from hold the following characters (yes, both were bound to another account, even though they seem to look very much the same):


Yes, the two are very short, and the first letters are a capital i instead of an L.
It was on the nostalrius PVP realm, those 2 characters belonged to the 2 different accounts we would really really like to have access to again! We do know the account names that match those character names, but it seemingly isn't wise to post that here.

A thousand times thanks in advance!

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