email lost

email lost

by lupeh » Sun Jan 01, 2017 5:08 pm

Hello there,

When i played on the old nost realm i had 2 accounts 1 wwith a warlock and my main that i am using now and posting with.

When elysium launched the server again i tried to transfer both my accounts witch but only my main acc i knew since that was my main email i use as private.

For the other account i forgot its email so i had a talk with mesh on discord about how i didnt have to use that old email but instead the email i registered on the elysium website.

Now the problem was that i forgot the email on the elysium website because i made it a few days before and didnt know that i can use the registered email to transfer the char to the new realm.

I can provide multiple proves that this is my account :

On this page u can vieuw me talking with a nostalrius GM who helped me with a issue on my character sinqx
also ... &start=350 u can see me ( my username linking my chars on the website

The account i cant remember the email . My warlock is called sinqx who is on that account. ... ayer=Sinqx

Now my question is if some staff member would be able to provide me the email adress i registered my acc sinqx with in a pm if posible.

If u guys need more proof/info or know any other way of retrieving my character i would like to know.

Thanks for this project

Sincerly Lupeh/Sinqx
Retribution Paladin ~ The Blooders
Senior Sergeant
Senior Sergeant

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