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Request for unban

PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:14 am
by Chippy123
Dear GMs,

I didn't login for a day of two and I try and login and my account is banned.
My ban was included in the recent wave from the gold sellers leak.
I had no interest in buying gold and I have not bought gold before.
Like some people included in this ban wave, I was incorrectly banned.
I made gold on my account legitimately, but that doesn't automatically assume I bought gold.
I admit I did go into live chat with one of the website to see prices they have and the stock they have on the server (which I only did for my personal curiosity). They asked for my name before I went into the live chat and I did enter it (I assume they can't do anything with my name). This isn't a bannable offense as I didn't purchase anything. Unless for some reason giving my name is a bannable offense... then apparently I would deserve it.

GMs please reverse my ban as I really have no legit reason to be banned.

Character name: Joykill
Server: Nostalrius PvP