[Alliance RP] - the RP Initiative, please support us!

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[Alliance RP] - the RP Initiative, please support us!

by itomon » Thu Oct 15, 2015 2:55 pm

With Nostalrius PvE server, we release the "RP Initiative" that makes <Alliance RP> and <Horde RP> guilds the "RP server inside Nostalrius". If you too love RP, please support it by joinig the guilds at launch and by typing "/join RP" in your PvE chars!

How will it work?
Our goal is to build one same guild in each faction for all RPers and, inside it, build our own "nostalrius RP server". Using Public Notes to tag each character's filiation(subguilds) we can create a open, more complete community for different RP styles.

We wont ignore people's privacy and the potential of having closed groups; the subguilds can fully achieve this as much as a normal guild would. Our ranks seek to provide organization for the community as well as the feeling of belonging a true RP server.

Code: Select all
 Rank:    /ginvite  /g chat  /o chat   MoTD   PublicN  OfficerN  Promote  /gkick
Member     no        yes      no       no      no       no        no        no
CasualRP   yes       yes      no       yes     no       no        no        no
HeavyRP    yes       yes      yes      yes     no       yes       no        no
GM         yes       yes      no       yes     yes      no        no        no
GM-Heavy   yes       yes      yes      yes     yes      yes       no        no
Non-RPer   no        yes      no       yes     no       no        no        no
Muted :(   no        no       no       no      no       no        no        no
Officer    yes       yes      yes      yes     yes      yes       yes       no
Officer*   yes       yes      yes      yes     yes      yes       yes       yes
MoTD = Edit Message of the Day, for event advertisements and other uses
PublicN = Edit Public Note. The Public note are reserved for subguild names, so only GM can edit those
OfficerN = Edit Officer Note. Everyone can read the Officer Note, and it contains a small RP info about the character, like the full name or a feature (scar in the face, eyepatch, etc.) Only Heavy RPes can edit those
Officers = there is 2 Officer ranks, only the ones with the star can /gkick. They can also create new officers

What do we need?
Right now, we need your support! And it may come in two ways. 1) if you are a RPer, please join our guild, or be active in /RP channels! 2) If you are a Guild Leader, please consider becoming one of our subguilds. Together we can make an awesome RP World!
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Re: [Alliance RP] - the RP Initiative, please support us!

by komaf » Sat Oct 17, 2015 4:37 am

The state of RP appears to be not too strong here. A bit too cerebral for most and even within the genre of an mmo that ends in R P G - people still assume a classist view toward RP'ers within the RPG they play.

All very ironic, really.

I do wish you luck in your search, however. I always believed that RP is as simple as just typing in game in the way you assume your race and class would behave (with a few fun twists). No one needs to spout broken Shakespeare or B-movie pirate speak to be in RP.

It is WoW though, and the advent of erotic RP and other neurotic variants have kind of killed it for most who don't realize RP really grew out of those Friday night dungeons and dragons games from back in the 70s and 80s.

Anyway - good luck /salute
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Re: [Alliance RP] - the RP Initiative, please support us!

by Purgatoryduck » Sat Oct 17, 2015 1:35 pm

Hi there, totally bumping this. I'll more than likely be joining this as my own guild plans are gone. I've RPed for years on WoW and in tabletop RPGs, so I'm not new at it at all. Hope to see you on!

Re: [Alliance RP] - the RP Initiative, please support us!

by itomon » Mon Oct 19, 2015 3:04 pm

The RP is in fact (or can be) as simple as just typing in game the way you see your character inside the game world. It can be more, or anything different.

But one thing does'nt change: RP is always a group thing. No one can RP alone. That is why RP doesn't -look- strong; we need people together to make it happen. And that is why Alliance RP and the RP initiative is trying to solve.

If you may, please support us by joining the channel, then joining the guild, then advertising both to other people wherever you are playing. I'm positive there are many RPers around Nostalrius that are just waiting for that chance but haven't yet joined the foruns to read about us.

In any case, I may not be checking this thread anymore in favor of the one in the "Roleplay" Forum section. Thank you all for your replies! Please click here if you have further questions:

Best Regards
Itomon -- nostalriusrp.wowlaunch.com

Re: [Alliance RP] - the RP Initiative, please support us!

by Formshifter » Mon Jan 11, 2016 3:08 am

Who can I contact to join? I'd love to have a RP guild
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