Crusaders of Drunken Might <Mature> Hardcore Guild

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Crusaders of Drunken Might <Mature> Hardcore Guild

by Remenissions » Fri Oct 16, 2015 10:39 pm


Name: CrusadersOfDrunkenMight
Server: PvE
Faction: Alliance
Guild Type: Hardcore Raiding
Raid Times: Not currently set, it will be discussed frequently to get an idea when the majority of the guild can attend.
Loot options: There will be a vote after 1 month of the server being up (Nov 17th at 19:00 ST) between a balanced DKP system or rolling.

Guild Leader: Myself
Officers: Currently only have 2, and will be looking for 6 more. To become an officer, you must be active (duh), have prior knowledge of vanilla WoW (not necessarily retail vanilla), and be willing to help others (advice/knowledge-wise).

The point of this guild to start raiding as quickly as possible. This means dedicating your free time to leveling and acquiring pre-raid gear. Note, I mean your FREE time. This does not mean that you have to quit your job or stop spending time with your family. This means that you should be spending at minimum a few hours a day (on average) on WoW.

"Trolls" are not tolerated. If you say something that makes people laugh, that's cool. But harassment is out of the question. We want people who will be mature and serious in their discussions. Do not confuse seriousness with being an asshole though. There are slim-to-none WoW players that know literally everything in the game. KEEP AN OPEN MIND. If you are given new evidence that your opinion could be incorrect, change your opinion. That's the mature thing to do.

There is not an age requirement, however you must comply with acting mature. This is not a guild that will power level you, or help you with every quest. This a guild which is forming (slightly) early to get a feel for its members and have people around to do dungeons with.

My personal experience started 2 months into the vanilla WoW release. After awhile, I became the server's (Blackhand) most-renowned PUG leader. I led an UBRS raid every weekday, a Onyxia raid every saturday, and would take raid members (that wanted to) from the Onyxia raid to ZG. This does not mean I was guildless. I was a member of Crusaders of Drunken Might, which had a guild alliance with Dark Angels of Chaos. CoDM was the social, dungeon guild, DAoC was the hardcore raiding guild. I was one of the 4 CoDM members who was allowed into DAoC's main raid group. In Burning Crusade however, I stopped raiding because I spent most of my time with an amazing premade-BG leader. WotLK I raided and pvp'd both a lot, until just before the release of Ulduar. The reason I stopped is because my account was hacked and I lost 4 BiS sets on 2 different characters. Blizzard claimed there was no evidence of me having any gear in their records, and only refunded me the enchanting materials I'd used the day before. So I had around 2k in gold to use, but that would mean starting over with greens and blues. I went on to try Cataclysm for 2 months, and Mists of Pandaria for 2 months, but extremely disliked the both of them. Since my account was hacked, I have played on an uncountable number of private servers, just to end up giving up on them. I'd rather try WoD than play on a private server which allows you to "pay-to-win". Why anyone would donate several hundred dollars just to run around 1-shotting other players no matter the effort they put into their character, is beyond me. That's why I love Nostalrius.

We have a TS server, and are currently working on a website.

If you wish to contact me, do so either through a forum PM or on skype (remenissions200).

Re: Crusaders of Drunken Might <Mature> Hardcore Guild

by mesozoicera » Thu Oct 22, 2015 9:50 pm

I'll hit you up on skype -- I'm leveling a lock. Started yesterday.

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