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Priest Looking For Guild

by Boomslang1991 » Sat Oct 24, 2015 1:45 am


I just made a priest on the PVE server to relive some of the glory days and I am looking for a Guild.

I am an experienced PVE and PVP player, stemming back to Vanilla wow, BC and WoTLK. I have experience as a Guild Master and Raid leader from many guilds back in the day, but I am looking to just be part of the team. I would prefer a guild that is tight-knit with social events and casual raiding (though it will take some time to get to 60 ). I am a team player and I love to fill support roles like Healers and I like to help further by getting professions and talent specs that the guild is lacking.

I would prefer a guild that raids on weekends, since I am very busy during the week. I have a mic and can be on for vent/teamspeak/skype or whatever your guild uses for organized events. My only requirement in the guild really is that we have active participants.

I know there is a number of guilds on the server and I need to fit my playstyle. If i do not reply with haste here, contact me in game as Drgoodtouch. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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