[A] <Natural Order> EU lvling & gearing up for Molten Core!

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[A] <Natural Order> EU lvling & gearing up for Molten Core!

by Moltisanti » Tue Oct 27, 2015 10:24 pm

About <Natural Order>

<Natural Order> is a active high-end raiding guild that is new to this server. We have former high ranking pvp and/or pve players within our membership. We have a solid, experienced core in place which will accelerate raid progression. Many of the players and officers have extensive Retail Vanilla Wow experience and also full knowledge of the Nostalrius content. The guild is dedicated towards maximum raid progression. We constantly strive to improve and grow as a guild. A positive attitude and willingness to sacrifice is critical to membership here.

It is our Vision to become one of the top PVE Guilds on the server. To that end we are recruiting and will maintain only the highest quality of members. We accept and understand that there will be obstacles and challenges to over come. That is good, we thrive on that. Members are expected to conduct themselves in the highest possible manner, both within the guild and when interacting with the server. To that end the following are the high standards that we require for all in the guild:

1) We are an extended family. Our spirit and camaraderie carry us forward. And while we are open to fun and good times, it is very important that all treat each other with respect. Be a positive, constructive element within the guild.

2) Raid requirements are high at <Natural Order>. Raiding members are expected to be, in the instance, on time for raids. All members are expected to raid in PVE Raid specs, there will be no exceptions. Each member must make sure that they come repaired and bring pots, stones, etc. sufficient for the entire raid. As we gear up, top enchants on equipment is expected and required. In short, come to raids on time and be fully prepared to raid.

Our Vision is one of greatness with server leading progression. To that end we embrace the following:

1) Play Hard. Run instances and run with fellow members. It is always our first choice to raid with guild only, not pug, even on 5-10 mans. Gear up and level up professions. On raid days be with your guild, not on an alt. There is a LOT of experience within the guild. Ask for help. Seek out class leaders and experienced players for help on specs, gear up, professions, etc. And most importantly have fun!

2) Loot Council. Most high-end retail guilds ran Loot Council. Thus, that is our system as well. Loot distribution will be determined by Officers and Class Leaders. The highest ranking officer on that raid will have the final say. Positive influence within the guild; sacrifice of time and resources for the guild; raid attendance; raid performance; length of time and dedication to the guild; best use of the item(s) for the guild's future progression. All will be factored into loot distribution decisions.

This system allows the guild to progress faster while rewarding those (faster) who are a good influence, work hard, play hard and attend raids. With that said there will be lots of loot to go around. And all who actively play will see fast gear up with the progression.

Requirements of Recruit Membership:

1) Be mature, your actions dictate your maturity, not your age.
2) Know your class. Learn from others who perform better.
3) Listen and Follow instructions given by officers.
4) Join not just for the epics, but for the joy and fun of high-end raiding.
5) Understand, follow and embrace the guild culture and requirements.

How to join?

If you would like to join us you may contact an officer in game.

Our website is under construction and will be ready when we start raiding in a near future.


Thank you for your time and consideration of <Natural Order>. We look forward to see you!


Guild Master of <Natural Order>

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