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Re: <Into the Fray>[NA-EST][PvE] - Recruiting Future Raiders

by Mord » Thu Dec 17, 2015 2:02 am

Big edit:

-We have removed the level cap, and ask that everyone apply on the guild website so that we can make sure you will be a good fit and solid addition to our guild! Being higher level than someone else doesn't necessarily make you a better player or mean you have more potential, we will no longer be hasty with our invitations to this great guild we've built from the ground up.

-Updated the main post to better reflect our position on what "casual" means to us and our raid.

-Updated our loot system decision.

-Added that we plan on beginning our raid sessions in January, once we have the raid set up how we want it and our raiders have their BiS.

-Guild runs for BiS are going on as we speak, don't miss out on the action!


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