6 Raiders looking for a home

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6 Raiders looking for a home

by MurlinatorZ » Wed Nov 25, 2015 6:24 pm

We are a group of able raiders, we all have many years of high-end raiding experience behind us and are looking for a guild to raid in together. There are 6 of us as follows:
2 Healers(Priest/Pally)
3 DPS(Warlock/Mage/Hunter)
1 Tank(Warrior)

We are looking for a guild that raids during the week(as we enjoy our weekends) and bettwen 10pm-1am CST.
As stated we are all capable raiders, we are fresh 60s on the server and are currently spending time collecting pre-raiding gear(the priest is almost 60 at the moment). We would like to join a guild that is exclusive and does not use a lot of pugging to fill the ranks, but we do understand the need for them on occasion. If you have any questions that I did not already provide the answer to feel free to message Krohnus, Scootsworth, or Adreena in-game for more information. Thanks!

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