Rone - [FR/ENG]New players, Back to WoW

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Rone - [FR/ENG]New players, Back to WoW

by Harumis » Mon Dec 21, 2015 1:16 pm

Rone Guild ;

A friend and I wanted to come back to World of Warcraft for a nostalgic journey, as we are going forward in the game we wanted to build a guild where we could meet and bring people together.
This guild shall follow us during our leveling period and evolve over the time to gather more and more trustworthy members, therefore anybody from any level can join the guild for now.
Eventhough our first members are french, we really want to welcome English-speaking player.
We are not pros and aren't looking to become hardcore gamers, we only want to make the game a little bit more social and enjoyable by helping each other, being part of a community.

To recap :
Guild Name : Rone
Guild Master : Elfenied (Contact Elfenied to apply)
What level : Mostly from 1 to 25 for now
Language : French and English
Goals, priorities : Social guild, we are trying to improve our characters in the best mood possible

Hoping to grow fast, join us now :D !

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