Looking for a guild who don't take themselves too seriously

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Looking for a guild who don't take themselves too seriously

by Regorus » Tue Jan 12, 2016 8:57 am

Hey there...

Im looking for a friendly guild, that doesn't take itself too seriously, and won't get it's knickers in a twist if you don't play for 14 hours a day, and maybe can't do a raid on that night.

I used to play a lot five or so years ago, but what with family and work, there's not so much time anymore.
Be good to meet some people who like to talk shit and have fun playing. At the mo, just want to level, but happy to get stuck into endgame stuff.

I kinda quit playing retail as both guilds I had chars in got really serious, bought in loads of rules and basically sucked the fun out of the game, hence why I'm looking for folk who aren't to serious.

Currently levelling a Prot Pala, and a Holy Priest.

If you think I'd fit into your guild, give me a shout in game (Regorus, Nostralius Begins PvE), or reply here.
Pref Europe, due to NA time zone differences.


Re: Looking for a guild who don't take themselves too seriou

by moelgaard » Tue Feb 02, 2016 1:03 pm

Hey Regorus,

If talking shit and taking names is your thing, I think you'd fit in nicely with Lothar's Reign. We enjoy the game in a casual setting and still manage to keep up with the rest of the server.

We sacrifice Gnomes to the RNG-gods, while considering Dwarves to be the ugliest, smugliest, buggers around.

While I neither can, nor will, guarantee you a raid spot, I bet it'd feel like home while you level.

Since you're a Paladin/Priest, you can contact Mignor (Dwarf) or Sleiker (some Paladin), for futher discussion :-)

Also, on a small sidenote, you're not allergic to Spice Girls are you?

Looking forward to be hearing for you.

- Moelgaard, Assistant to a Dwarf

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