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Illuminati are employing...

by Cardinalsin » Fri Jan 15, 2016 8:34 am

Yes that's right, employing


I have been led to believe that the ancients who have created this world intend to leave it this way for a period of three years. During this time there shall be minor tweaks to correct previous errors of judgement.

So, in essence, it strikes me that standard leveling/raiding/social guilds may find it difficult to hang on the their members during this process, particularly if said members have already been reincarnated from previous worlds.

In cognisance of this, I am proposing to create a guild designed to cope with the meh feeling that people get when they ding 60 and then look for something to do, and all the challenges that arise.

What we are not

So this guild will not be a raiding guild, although we may do raids. If we do raids, then it will be for a specific purpose, not to down the raid boss, but maybe to get a specific item for one of our guild members, or an ultra rare herb, or just to go and see what the canteen facilities are like in MC.

So when we do raid, we will probably fail, but you can be certain that when we do fail, we will only do so with the prettiest, uber-rare, fantastic looking kit.

You might say
I see Illuminati have wiped yet again
But you will definitely say
But they sure look cool, even dead

Nor are we going to be a leveling guild. That is not to say we will assist you in defeating that elite Q mob. Nor that we will refuse to escort you through Wailing Caverns. But it had better be for something cool or related to trade, commerce or the AH.

As for being a social guild, well yes, we most definitely aim to be. But we will not be exchanging chocolate cake recipes over the airwaves and in guild chat, but we will certainly do it toon to toon. We hope to fill out guild channels with trades, advice, killings on the AH, the current best area for farming felcloth etc etc.

What we most definitely are

Our guild will concentrate on a number of different areas of the game that tend to receive attention only as a prop for end game material. Our interests are trades and professions, exploring all of Azeroth, having every alchemy recipe, being exalted with Zandalar Tribe, having all the pets including drops, or just having the coolest looking gear.

These things take a long time, and also require a certain mindset, or should I say, lack of mindset. This guild will keep you company as you fish all night for Stonescale eels, massacre whelps in Wetlands for the tiny crimson whelping (854 and counting), or compete with Chinese farmers for Felcloth.

So in this way, when you get to 60 - and by all means take your time - you will have the mindset to make the transition to end game because there will always be something for you to do, and for quite a lot of it, you'll need help, and by God, if it's grinding you want it will be grinding you get. Because we recognise and embrace the challenges of Vanilla Wow. For us, it's all about the experience and company in getting there, and we'll all have some Thistle Tea to celebrate.

What we need

What we're looking for is a group of founder members for this guild. Specifically we are looking for:
    Mature players that have a really good but not intrusive sense of humour
    Players that are capable of understanding irony and sarcasm in the correct context
    Players that want to play on this server for a considerable length of time and would prefer to do it with a group of like-minded people
    You should have good social skills and a reasonable command of English
    You should have the ability to do mind-numbing tasks involving repeated actions for extended periods of time and not complain or whine
    You should be reasonably fond of alcohol as this tends to make mind-numbing tasks seem tolerable
    You should have an interest in making money and cornering the market. Most importantly, you should have the decency to tell us how we can do it too
    You should be happy to sell/trade/donate to your fellow guild members at a fair or discounted price
    We do not differentiate on colour/sex/race/religion/sexual preference/language/time zone or country of origin, in fact we want diversity as much as possible
    We are particularly interested in founder members who can form and run websites/forums as well as having the time to care and nurture them

If any of the above sounds of interest to you, or indeed your alt, please PM me through this forum or approach online. If you have suggestions or constructive criticism, please add to this post.

We really, genuinely, want to do something different on this server than the regular guilds, although I am sure that this kind of thing has been done before so I'm not saying this is original in anyway. We would love to see a similar shadow guild on the horde side as commerce know no boundaries.

Thanks for listening

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