<Societatis Oriantur> (Alliance Arising) PVE recruiting.

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<Societatis Oriantur> (Alliance Arising) PVE recruiting.

by Farcs » Sat Jan 23, 2016 12:14 pm

<Societatis Oriantur> (Alliance Arising) is a newly formed guild that is looking forward to begin vanilla raiding once again. We are a core group with loads of experience in both vanilla and the rest of the expansions. And we are looking for some great players to join us accomplishing the goal, which is to clear MC in a proffessional way, and move our way to BWL and Naxx when those times comes. But at the moment we are looking to fill our ranks with people, everyone is welcome. Even if you don't know if you want to raid you can join us just to be social. We are currently recruiting all classes and creatures.

About us:

- Societatis Oriantur is a English speaking PvE (soon to be) raiding guild.
- We are looking to raid 2 days a week, tue & sun 19:30-23:00. EU times (+1)
- Our goal is to clear all all vanilla content in a proffessional way.
- As a guild we want to be know as friendly, skilled, reliable and helpful.
- We accept that you have a social life, work, school or robbing a bank. If you can't show up for raids 1 or 2 times it is fine.

What we expect from you

- Be friendly, a teamplayer and helpful to other guild members.
- Understand English and able to follow directions.
- Enjoy raiding, or be an hell of a fun person.

If you want to know more about us feel free to check out http://societatis-oriantur.shivtr.com/
You may also contact us in game. Farcs, Quti or an other officer.

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