Holy Paladin Looking for a EU Guild

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Holy Paladin Looking for a EU Guild

by Andyy » Sat Feb 20, 2016 11:47 am

Hi guys i am currently level 42 Holy Paladin levelling as fast as i can to 60 (in game name Andyy)

I would love to join a guild i can get to know as i level with the opportunity to raid once i hit 60

My Main role would be Healer/Support what ever your guild needs i can change talents/gear

I currently have Enchanting Fishing and Cooking

I am totality new to Vanilla wow but it's soo good i would love to experience it for the first time with a cool guild

I started playing wow in MOP and have done some Heroic raiding i always make sure to learn up on all the raid mechanics reading guides and watching videos.

I have no problem using voice communication and have a decent mic with push to talk

If you recruit me i will attend raids 99% of the time and any events i can.

Thanks guys hope to hear back from you. :D

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