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<Moonlight Alliance> Leveling/Social Guild - All Welcome

by Ferragus » Tue Mar 08, 2016 11:46 am

Moonlight Alliance is looking for new members of any level and any class.

If you are looking for a guild that has players of your level to group with for dungeons, questing or just a bit of fun then look no further. Moonlight Alliance has been made so that you will always find a group no matter what level you are or what level of experience you have.
We have tried to recruit members from all over the world and different time zones so that we always have members active.

We are not raiding at the moment as our main goal has been bringing groups of players together so that they can level together but we do plan to in the future. If raiding is not your thing then don't worry we are not going to turn into a raiding guild over night, we will always focus on bringing new members in that want to enjoy every aspect of this game.

If you would like an invite to the guild then contact myself or type /who Moonlight Alliance and ask any member of the guild in game.

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