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Pixel Paladins [Azeroth]

by Marbo » Mon Mar 21, 2016 2:14 pm

Looking for a jolly band of adventurers? then Pixel Paladins is the guild for you!

As of right now we haven't filled in the things we want to achieve as a guild, consider it a blank canvas that can be filled in many ways. Wether our goal will be to progress through PVE content or to vanquish the Horde in BG's we don't know yet!

Our current guild consists of players ranging from level 10 to 40, we help eachother out whereever we can, have fun and enjoy the amazing content that vanilla has to offer!

Are you interested in joining Pixel Paladins? then contact any of our members to obtain a guild invite!

hopefully we can built something together!

Marbo, Mascot of [Pixel Paladins]

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