<Insomniacs> NA Guild LF Members Interested In Raiding

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<Insomniacs> NA Guild LF Members Interested In Raiding

by Rezmuk » Sun Mar 27, 2016 2:15 am

Hello All-

<Insomniacs> is a brand new North American guild that is looking for members to fill its ranks. The vision of this guild is to form a core group of members that are interested in progressing through PVE content. We plan to eventually begin running Molten Core on Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday. Potential raid times would be 8:00 pm to 11:30pm Est. These days/times are solely a place holder at this point and subject to change depending on what works for the majority of the guild.

While raiding is a bit down the road, we plan to regularly run dungeons to get our gear/skills ready for the main stage, while building up the comradery within our guild's community. Our main focus will be on PVE progression, yet active PvP'ing outside of raid times and other shenanigans will certainly be welcomed and supported!

Currently Accepting all classes lvl 40+. Also Looking for players with a solid knowledge base of their class and endgame content to fill class specific officer ranks.

Website and Voice to be introduced very soon.

Message Rezmuk in game for an invite and/or to get more details.

Cheers and happy gaming - Rezmuk

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