<Insomniacs> NA Guild LF Members Interested In Raiding

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<Insomniacs> NA Guild LF Members Interested In Raiding

by Rezmuk » Thu Mar 31, 2016 2:41 am

Hey all,

<Insomniacs> is a recently formed NA based guild. And we're awesome.. well.. getting there..We are currently recruiting all classes and levels at this time. However we are actively searching for players lvl 40+ interested in raiding at 60

Our goal is to be a progression based raiding guild with a fun yet serious attitude/approach, all while having a great time. We encourage all type of players to join, wether your into PvP, AH price gouging or hard core into BIS theory-crafting, we love you all.

Raid days and times are not set in stone just yet, however we are looking to raid Tuesday/Thursday and possibly Sunday with raid times between 8:00 pm to 11:30pm eastern time.

We have a website up @ http://www.insomniacs.shivtr.com

voice to be introduced soon.

Pst Rezmuk if you have any questions, or just straight up like what you see and what to join.

Cheers - Rezmuk

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