Full pre-bis prot war looking for NA guild

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Full pre-bis prot war looking for NA guild

by Daggot » Sun Feb 14, 2016 12:51 am

Hi everybody,

I'm looking for a NA based guild that raids twice during the week with raid times around 3:00 am server time. I live in CST time zone so EST raids would be ok, but PST raids won't.
I am full pre-raid bis geared with some ZG gear.
http://realmplayers.com/CharacterViewer ... r=Daggothu realmplayers ain't updated yet but I got the cloak from tribute run and gloves from DMW, bracers, gloves and feet are enchanted with +3 def, shield with +7 stam - in case u were wondering.

Played wow since 2005 with a break after Sunwell TBC and till mid Cata, then finally quit with pandas. Was RL and CL, MTed all BC content up to Sunwell.

If you have more questions, please PM me in-game.



P.S. Sorry posted a wrong link. >.<

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