LF NA BWL Guild (War, Mage or Hunter)

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LF NA BWL Guild (War, Mage or Hunter)

by Skorn » Wed Feb 17, 2016 3:28 am

Hello all;

I'm looking to join an NA raiding guild to raid on Sunday / Monday evenings for 02:00 ST ish

I have multiple characters I can play, just up to you to pick what you need.

Tauren Prot Warrior - Pre-Raid BiS, does not have a FR or NR set going quite yet
Orc Hunter - Pre-raid BiS 4/8 T1 + Leaf (Havn't done the quest yet)
Undead Mage - Need some work for pre-raid which wouldn't be trouble

I can open my schedule to include Tues/Wed after my final exams in April

I'm looking to join a guild that is raiding BWL as their progression with at least Vael down

I have 8/8 Experience from a DPS/OT perspective
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