<Bewildered> - US East Leveling, Endgame Raiding

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<Bewildered> - US East Leveling, Endgame Raiding

by augor1 » Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:40 pm


What It's About: Bewildered is a small, and low level guild. As a guild, we're focused on leveling our characters and any new members we get to level cap, while socializing and enjoying the road there. At level cap, we will transition to raiding lightly on the weekends.

Who Can Join? Anyone can join in on the Guild. As of right now we're looking for active players that want to talk, help each other out, and have a community grow. Bewildered is great to join if you're looking for a group of players to begin grouping with, and adventure with as you reach level cap.

How to Join: Joining is easy! As a social guild, the only requirement is that you're willing to chat and play! To join, reply to this post with the following format

Time I might be on:

This way I can easily find you, and invite you.
You can also PM me, or one of my officers in-game to invite.
My name: Myrist
Officer Name: Kaypii

That's all! I hope to see you guys in the guild, chatting and leveling as we reach the end-game.

Re: <Bewildered> - US East Leveling, Endgame Raiding

by augor1 » Sun Feb 21, 2016 12:32 am

Our guild Teamspeak is now up and running!

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