Famous Last Words recruiting casual players=).. 50+

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Famous Last Words recruiting casual players=).. 50+

by Vivalabam » Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:27 am

As guildmembers are reaching level 60 we are looking for more members. The members now consist of old friends and new. We are trying to set up casual guild with enough members to run UBRS and PVP premades.. How far we go is up to our members. We have alot of endgame experience but now mostly looking to have fun. We are not looking for geared people but want them to be above level 50+ atm. We are missing 2 tanks to have a consistent run of dungs but we are recruiting all. We have a facebook page and use Discord for teamspeaking. Whisper me ingame or add me to friends list Vivalamia lvl 60 hunter :)

Best regards :D

Lvl 60 Hunter
Famous Last Word Officer

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