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<Wipe Club> progressive raiding

by mkruuseh » Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:13 am

Wipe Club progressive raiding in a stabile and fun enviroment, with experienced raiders.

Who are we ?
we are Wipe Club, a Eu based pve focused Raiding guild. The guild is formed by former members from the Guild Infamous that existed in 2013 on vanillagaming. We started up as a serious raiding guild here the 1st of january, and so far we have progressed into having cleared molten core and 3/8 BWL. inbetween our 40 man main raids, we have also succefully been able to form 2 ZG raid grps at the same time and made internal guild races twice a week for the last 5 weeks. we are focused around the fact that not all are elitist, but all can learn to become efficient raiders. we have dedicated officers who want to learn and teach our newer recruits. We strive to be a guild that isnt so big but focused around 40 core raiders and 20-30 reserve backup raiders who can standby, to ensure we always have full 40 man raids. we are trying to build up a community that can last throughout TBC aswel

what are we looking for?
we are looking for dedicated players, who have already reached lvl 60 and started to aquire their pre raid gear. we have a high expectation that our members are willing to listen and learn to what is being told by our class leaders/ officers. During our Raids we use Teamspeak and it is also required that all our members have this program installed and understand standard spoken English. At the moment we are working on progressing through blackwing lair, and need people willing to wipe and learn with us!

What we Arent looking for
we are not looking for people who find PvP their primary aspect of the game, or people who just wants to join a raiding guild for free loot and getting carried. we are not a guild that are having all raids on farm and speed running them. we are a progressive raiding guild that is still learning and progressing through Blackwing lair.

what we can offer you as a member!
we can offer you Swift and clean ZG/Molten core raids every week, with room for most of our members, with a good standby system. we offer core raid spots for specific classes since we are still Building up our core raid team. we also offer a very cheap and affordable Guild bank that is running throughout our raids to help sponsor the consumables that is required of you in our raids. we also offer a stabile DKP system with no loot hoaring from older members.

If we might have interested you then you can apply at wipeclubnos.shivtr.com

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