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500played Warrior LF Guild

by Tuen » Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:13 am

Hello everyone , and first of all , excuse me if my english is not correct .

I 'm a warrior spanish player with large experience at WoW. I would like to find a guild With high end raiders to enjoy this beautiful game again . I started leveling months ago but i stopped because my mates left the game .
I'm leveling again , but i would find it funnier if i have a great guild to play united and help me reach a level prepared to start raiding .
During years , i was a reference player in my guild because i was always full buffed to give my best in each combat . Thats why i would like to find players like me . I would like to share the feelings of a first kill again , the feeling of real guild again . With helpfull people . I still remember the goosebumps when entering the Ragnaros chamber.

Also would like to share old experiences and re -learn vanilla style .

If you think your guild can have a place for me, let me know.
Thanks you everyone.

Orc Warrior

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