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Titans Of War

by TitansOfWar » Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:01 am

Hello & Thank you for your interest in joining Titans Of War #1 NA Horde Raiding Guild!

Titans Of War is back full force ready to continue our vanilla wow experience

We have a lot of old members coming back, but we are looking for others to join our ranks as well

If you are interested in joining please post and application here.


About Us

Titans of War (ToW) was formed by a group of friends who’ve been gaming at a competitive level for several years across numerous games, and eventually ended up together on Nostalrius (1.12 server). Our primary focus has always been speed progression and end-game raiding coupled with a positive and competitive raid culture. Over the years we’ve developed a strong roster of people interested in pushing themselves to new heights. Our guild is comprised of people who understand their class and game mechanics, listen to instructions, and know how to have fun. More importantly we operate as a team. We expect all of our applicants to be like-minded and share similar interests in regards to raiding.

Raiding Schedule

We Will be Running 2 Full 40 Man Raid Teams

Monday 8PM EST
Wednesday 8PM EST

During progression we will also raid Thursday @ 8PM EST

All Classes Needed

Exceptional Applications of classes not listed above will be considered as well.

Contact: Strongtank or Motomikeyy in game after your application has been submitted.

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