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<The Golden Company> Hybrid/Social Guild

by Rocto » Sun Oct 25, 2015 11:38 am

EDIT 2: As the WARNING below explains, this guild has been disbanded. HOWEVER, my conditions have improved since my last edit in November and as of now, end January I say that I might consider staring the guild again. MIGHT. The condition is that I get level 40+ first. This new guild will be on the PvP server, though. If you wish to support my cause and help me level quicker, feel free to help my by f.e. sending me some money for repairs etc. I will casually level up Lunarir (PvP server) which I might start a new guild on. Thanks!

WARNING: The Golden Company will sadly be disbanded soon. I, the GM, am sadly dealing with bad medical conditions and I won't be able to come online for a few month's. By the time I am back the guild will obviously be dead and reviving it won't help much as I have been bored with vanilla for a few day's now (planning to play Legion, and by the time I am back I'll probably have Legion Beta). Sadly, I can't appoint someone else as GM because 1. no one wants to be, 2. I don't really want to give anyone GM, and 3. the best members are sadly inactive because I have been gone for a few weeks. I am really sorry for all my members and anhone who was interested in joining me. If you would be interested in joining me on Legion in a few month's, though, feel free to add my main Chilewind as a friend on silermoon (Alliance eu) if you'd like to. Farewell everyone, I've had great times with all of you.

Below you can find the Original post if you would be interested:
Greetings, Nostalrius Community! I am Rocto, and in this topic I will talk about our guild, <The Golden Company>, one of the fewer Hybrid guilds at the moment.
For more information on how to join our guild, scroll down untill the end!
Note, though, that this is our first time creating a forum post for our guild. Improvements have yet to be made; any questions can be left in the replies! I still need to do a spellings check which will be done soon.
Thank you for reading, and hopefully we can see you soon!
Most of the information can be found in the Q&A down below, be sure to check it out!

What is <The Golden Company>?
<The Golden Company> is a social/hybrid guild that is hoping to create a community between all sorts of playstyles. We hope to bond players together with all sorts of interests, for example PvE and PvP. We are not going to become a hardcore raiding guild or a hardcore PvP guild, not at all. We want to be a relaxed guild where people of any age and experience can join us.
Our new players may always ask questions and seek help by our experienced members which love helping people. Once the hype-storm has been settled and we have a few max levels, we will start a raid team for those who like PvE, a BG team for those who like PvP and so on.
Our goal with this is that people can freely choose which playstyle they want to choose without being pressured of leaving the guild, causing dramas etc. People can try different styles and chat about them. This won't be easy to do, but we are sure that it will work with the help of our members.

How do I get more information about <The Golden Company>?
You can always contact one of our members ingame, preferably a high ranked person like Garn, Norman, Cimno and other's. If these people are not online, you can always ask another member and they will be happy to help you. Below, you will also find a Q&A where you will probably find some good awnsers to any possible question.
We are still busy creating a website, and this website will soon go online. As soon as it is online, we will put a link to it in here!

How do I join <The Golden Company>?
You can join us by contacting anyone from our guild that has permission to invite. But, if possible, please contact the GM above anything else (obviously), which is Turamo/Norman. There are no requirements to join our guild so you can freely join us. Incase you are a raider/PvPer, you may apply on our website later once it is completed.
Please do read our guild rules in our Guild Information tab, though, once you get accepted into the guild.

History of <The Golden Company>
I had this name in my mind back in 2004 (before it was in GOT), where I created a guild with the same name on retail in 2005. Earlier this year, a few weeks after Nostalrius PvP was released, I made a new guild called <The Golden Company> which went pretty well for it's lifetime (not to be confused with the mass-inviting "Golden Company") This time, we have started with a clean profile on the new PvE server, where we made our guild the day of the server release, around midnight.


Q: What are the guild rules?
The guild rules can be found in the Information tab of our guild. Later on, the rules will also be displayed on our website. These rules are simple, yet really important. Examples of these rules are: No scamming, spamming, ... / Be respectfull to other members.

Q: How does this guild recruit?
We are no fans of mass recruiting. Our way of recruiting is by the means of posting advetisements in the General chat (NOTE: We do not participate in spamming in any way. Our recruiters must wait atleast 10 minutes before posting another advertisement in the same zone. Preferably 20 minutes. (Every 2 minutes = considered spam)) so you shouldn't expect us to spam /ginvite on every person we come accross. Of course, this type of recruiting isn't the fastest, but it's the best. It prevents guild dramas (insta-leavers) and trolls to join our guild. Also, if you're reading this, you have obviously realised that we are also recruiting on the forums.

Q: How many members does your guild have?
At the moment, we have 130+ members (may grow later, obviously). We do not want a filled guild but we also don't want an empty one, so we think that about 200 ACTIVE members should be more than enough for us. Though, if we plan on fufilling many roles/playstyles, we might need more.

Q: What about guild reputation on the server?
Our guild tries to stay neutral in any possible guild conflict. We hope to have a clean reputation; if anyone is badly representing our guild we will warn or even kick depending on the situation.

Q: A hybrid guild, will that work out?
It is obviously a big risk, not many guilds can achieve a proper Hybrid guild and fail. But I have been leader of 2 hybrid guilds before that went perfectly; I can assure everyone that I will do my best to make our guild work out perfectly. Our vision of our guild is somewhat like this: A guild with 1-2 raid teams (New players - Experienced Players or Time zone X - Time zone X, for example), 1-2 BG teams, maybe a group of roleplayers and a group of casual players that just like to socialize, etc. Me, The guild leader, will mostly participate in the PvP team and PvE team, though I will try to participate in all of them atleast a bit.

Q: What about the Guild Master? Does he have any experience?
I do in fact have experience in leading guilds, clans, alliances or any other term used to describe groups of people in many different games; I have been playing WoW since 2005 and have been leading guilds since, and all of them went good. I am from Belgium (the Dutch part), so if you are also Dutch and would like to speak to me in private, feel free to. Just note, though, that the guild chat must stay in English.

Q: How are the members?
Any age, gender, race, class, ... is allowed in our guild. We do want people to act mature, though. Our members are really relaxed but can be serious at times, for example if a guild drama would happen or during raiding. We have 12 year olds that have never played wow before, but we also have 30 year old wow veterans that know every single quest out of their head, for example. I like having a good mixture of different people together but I still want to make sure they get along fine.

Q: How does the punishment system work?
When a player get's 3 warnings, he get's kicked either permanently or temporary. If there is proof of one of our members having a terrible behaviour, they might get insta-kicked. We want our guild to have a good reputation, but we don't want to kick our members for every single thing they do.

Q: What languages does the guild speak?
The guild chat must stay English only (There are some exeptions). We are from all over the world so speak many different languages, though languages other than English should stay in whispers/party.

Q: What time zone is the guild on?
We currently are a worldwide guild, though mostly aiming towards Europeans and Americans. If we notice that for example many different time zones are raiding together, we will split the raid team up in 2 teams for both timezones. All guild events are hosted on the server time (Paris, UTC +1), though.

If there are any problems, opinions or corrections, feel free to reply below. Please do not correct grammar, though, as it will probably be edited out later. I am not native to English so I may sometimes make a few fails here and there. (repost because original topic didn't appear)
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Re: <The Golden Company> Hybrid/Social Guild

by Rocto » Mon Oct 26, 2015 6:00 am

*reserved for possible future announcements*

Re: <The Golden Company> Hybrid/Social Guild

by Guvnor » Tue Oct 27, 2015 9:16 pm

Do you have voice comms and whats the average level currently ?


Re: <The Golden Company> Hybrid/Social Guild

by Rocto » Wed Oct 28, 2015 6:38 pm

Guvnor wrote:Do you have voice comms and whats the average level currently ?


Greetings Guvnor, thank you for your interest in our guild! Our average level (of our active player's) is currently around level 20-40 out of the 98 members. We have a few level 50+ already (one at 60), but many people take their time to enjoy leveling so usually sit around 20-30 :) As for voice communication, I am honestly not much of a fan of it because it seems to rather remove the social aspect rather than improve it, from my experience. For now, we will just talk in the guild chat, but we will obviously get something like Teamspeak once we do (serious) raids and pvp :) I hope that awnsers your question; hopefully we will see you soon!


Re: <The Golden Company> Hybrid/Social Guild

by Loudstep » Wed Nov 25, 2015 5:59 am

Is The Golden Company still around? I just started playing again, used to play official from launch to WotLK. Found out about Nostalrius and am back enjoying Azeroth. Would like to learn more about your guild.

Re: <The Golden Company> Hybrid/Social Guild

by Rocto » Sun Nov 29, 2015 2:00 pm

Loudstep wrote:Is The Golden Company still around? I just started playing again, used to play official from launch to WotLK. Found out about Nostalrius and am back enjoying Azeroth. Would like to learn more about your guild.

Greetings Loudstep! Sadly, our guild won't be around for much longer. As I have explained in the edit on my Original topic, I am planning to disband it :cry: You will have to find another guild, there are many on the server that will fill your needs I promise :) I can't recommand any good ones, though. Sorry for the confusion, I hope you can understand. Thanks for your interest in our guild, though!

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