[EU] Tourits of Terror (H) a new Star is rising

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[EU] Tourits of Terror (H) a new Star is rising

by Klimmbimm » Sun Nov 01, 2015 11:30 am

Hallo to everyone of this awwwesome server!

We are a fresh lvl 60 group of people who wants to play the whole content from start!
Everytime i see in OG people searching for member like: 8/8 MC and so on, but we dont want this...

We want to clear the whole content by our own and dont want to join in a guild which has all instance like farm status :)
All of us played the "real WoW" and cleared all instances include Nax at lvl 60 we were on the real server Terrordar and maybe some of you know us....(and we know all bosses and tactics and so on...)

I want Member, who want to EARN HONOR and get raided all boses by our own...We have a Teamspeak and Homepage too (this is only used for the DKP system) http://wowgilden.net/tot-hq

Our raidtimes and now /clap /wave that we DON'T want to raid at the weekend cause all of us get a family but maybe sometimes on Sundays but we are planning Tuesday 20:00 server time and Thuersday 20:00 server time as well....

We have all countrys in our guild so if you are intrested in this project to become a new star on this server it will be very kind to join us and we raid together like the good old WoW times ;)

My ingame name is: Klimmbimm i am 28 years old and i hope we can start this project if you want to join or maybe want to know something more plz contact ingame:


Re: [EU] Tourits of Terror (H) a new Star is rising

by Klimmbimm » Sun Nov 01, 2015 5:12 pm

delete plz postet it new :) wrong forum thx epicfail

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