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[EU]<Deathwatch> (PvE-Horde) Recruiting

by Shadowsilver » Wed Nov 04, 2015 8:17 am


We aim to be a social raiding guild, with the idea that there is plenty of room to both have fun, and to raid. We are building a friendly community with our teamspeak server at its core, where we hang out and talk while we are playing, teamspeak is optional as long as we aren’t raiding yet, but will be a requirement at that stage.

We are in dire need of healers, but DPS classes are also very welcome. We currently have a fair amount of tanks. However we are currently recruiting everyone to build up a solid player base, but we have a high demand for especially warlocks, mages and priests.
We are currently at 70 members, but some have sadly gone inactive since the rush of the server opening, and a more accurate representation of our active members is around 30-35sh.

When it comes to raiding, we will as a guild have a meeting to determine the best raiding days and times when the time comes, but we are pretty much set on DKP as the loot system, with the exception if we can get a EPGP system up and running.

If any of this has roused your interest, you are welcome to contact us either here in this thread, or whisper Shadowsilver, Ivoryraptor or Garzak ingame. If none of those are online, then any member can always invite, and an officer will contact you next time they are online. 8-)
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