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Looking for Classy Horde Guild

by One Horn » Sat Dec 19, 2015 1:20 pm

Yes, I am aware that this is an oxymoron. :D

I won't bother to go through my previous history with WoW it's better to talk about the basics.

At 50 years of age I don't have time/patience for drama and popcorn, although I enjoy a good 'debate'.
I'm not interested in 24/7 levelling, uber raiding, elitist jerk activity (the people, not the guild)
I want a guild that takes pride in its reputation and expects its members to do the same
That reputation should be with both alliance and horde factions
Should be raiding maybe once/twice a week
Is interested in game mechanics/world economics/contribution to server
Have a highly defined sense of irony and sarcasm
Guild should consider the journey to the top more important than the destination
Finally, said guild should also have an organised forum and be selfless in commitment in helping all members regardless of level, if they are the right kind of player

What you get:

Good team player with average+ skills
Good farmer with resilient grinding 'skills'
Constant contributor to guild activities
Good experience in helping to run guilds and happy to act support
No leadership ambitions
Strong commitment in helping others regardless of level

Thanks for your considered opinion or debate.

On the weird off chance, if anyone here ever played on Hellscream EU I was in The Lost Souls (Horde) and Cheese n Cracker Co (Alliance)

Best Wishes

'Ol One Horn
I like beer, good company, women, coffee, family and a long walk.
I reserve the right to alter, amend and delete the above as I see fit
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One Horn

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